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Grey nomads face snoring issue

Snore nightmare

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, The finances are in place, the van is bought, and the open road beckons. It’s everything I have been... Read more

Grey nomads sleep patterns

‘I just want to sleep in!’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, What is it about campers and getting up at silly-o-clock? Hubby Jack and I have been on the road... Read more

Grey nomads beed to watch their budget

‘I can’t stick to the budget!’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, Our plan is to travel forever but we are chewing through our savings at a frightening rate of knots. ... Read more

Egghead to air head

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, Living on the road has made all the everyday things we used to worry about seem irrelevant. After two... Read more

Don't park so close

‘They’re just too close!’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My wife Elly and I are committed bush campers. We don’t like the crowds you get at caravan parks... Read more

Grey nnomad good samaritan helps breakdown problems

 ‘I just want to help others’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I have been travelling Australia on my own for the six years since my wife passed. I worked for... Read more

Grey nomad loses at Scrabble

Lifestyle check mate

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My husband Tim and I have been travelling for six weeks. Before retiring, Tim was a high-powered executive who... Read more

Are grey nomads tight-fisted?

Bargain hunter

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I hate spending more money than I have to … whether it’s on a litre of diesel or a... Read more

Free camping grey nomads

Ve vant to be alone

  After more than three years on the road, my husband Eric and I have got a fairly slick routine happening and are... Read more

Lazy grey nomads get sme good advice

No hurries, no worries?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My husband I have found that life on the road is turning us into the laziest people ever! We... Read more


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