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Solo grey nomads

Do they ‘vant’ to be alone?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I’m really wrestling with an issue which has been bothering me for a while. Duncan and I have been... Read more

Grey nomads showing ignorant behaviour

Dumb and dumber

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, Two weeks in, and I’m really worried that the Big Lap is going to turn my brain to mush... Read more

Greynomads and grandchildren

‘My Grandkids are losing interest in me!’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I love life on the road but I’m terrified it is costing me my relationship with my beautiful grandchildren.... Read more

Grey nomads sleeping in the Big Lap

Irked by Big Lap naps

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, Hubby Tom and I are loving life on the road but it’s fair to say our sleep patterns are... Read more

Don’t make me change my van park routine!

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, We’ve been travelling for four months a year since 1989 when my husband Bob took early retire­ment. We’re creatures... Read more

Grey nomads privacy

Privacy plea

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, We have been having a fantas­tic time since we became full-time grey nomads two months ago and have met... Read more

Grey nomads

‘He can’t move on’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, We spent months … actually years … preparing, plotting and planning for our big trip. We’ve been on the... Read more

Grey nomads face snoring issue

Snore nightmare

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, The finances are in place, the van is bought, and the open road beckons. It’s everything I have been... Read more

Grey nomads sleep patterns

‘I just want to sleep in!’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, What is it about campers and getting up at silly-o-clock? Hubby Jack and I have been on the road... Read more

Grey nomads beed to watch their budget

‘I can’t stick to the budget!’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, Our plan is to travel forever but we are chewing through our savings at a frightening rate of knots. ... Read more


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