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Grey nomads and amphibian power surge protector

Safety top of the agenda as nomads get back on the road

ADVERTISING FEATURE   As the weather warms up and Covid-19 travel restrictions are beginning to ease, caravanners across Australia are making plans to... Read more

Grey nomads pubs

A win-win situation … the country pubs that make grey nomads welcome

All across the country, some of our fabulous, historic pubs are struggling as the rural economy changes. Many are looking to grey nomads... Read more

caravan rollover

‘I felt a wobble … and then we were over!’

When retirees Fran and Geoff left their Perth home on their eagerly anticipated six-week north-west adventure in September, they had no idea of... Read more

Grey nomads and last chance tourism

Last chance tourism

Mining. Wind farms. National park development. Bitumen in the Outback. The list of things altering the Big Lap experience is growing. Yet, rather... Read more

Camping at Yuraygir National Park, NSW.

No room in the national parks?

The growing popularity of the grey nomad lifestyle means that many national park camping grounds are full to overflowing in peak season …... Read more

Lost in the Ourback

‘We didn’t mean to worry our son … or spark a huge Outback search!’

Grey nomad Chrissy Scarvell recalls the time she and her husband unwittingly became the subject of a huge police search … while they were happily... Read more

Grumpy grey nomads

‘Grey nomads behaving badly are taking the joy out of our Big Lap!’

When Ian and Helene Hipp (both 59) hit the open road, they never thought the biggest downside to the Big Lap would be... Read more

be very convenient for travellers

Retained heat cooking

When it comes to cooking on the road, it seems an increasing number of grey nomads are discovering the many advantages of going... Read more

Caravan trip for unwell grey nomads

‘I’ve had serious health issues, but it won’t stop me living the dream’

A back fusion, a hip replacement, diabetes 2, high blood pressure, and two heart attacks within a year, may have slowed veteran caravanner... Read more

Rest areas a worry for grey nomads

How the rest was won

The chronic shortage of adequate rest areas for long distance travellers in Australia is a constant source of irritation and anger for grey... Read more


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