Annexe ‘angst’

Annexe angst for grey nomads

Travelling Australia should be a relaxing, carefree experience. The grey nomad brochures tell us the average day consists of simply pulling up at another piece of paradise, flopping into a campchair, uncorking a bot­tle of wine and then meeting and greeting a procession of friendly fellow travellers.

It’s not always that easy, however. There are a couple of potential trouble spots that can delay the path to Happy Hour happiness. The relation­ship dramas caused by the stress of reversing a big rig into a tight spot are the stuff of legend. Not quite so well publicised though is the rise of ‘annexe angst’.

Pulling down a shade-giving roll-out awning is normally a pretty simple process but, for those seeking the additional privacy and space of an extra ‘outside room’, the story can be very different.

Annexe manufacturers often supply instructional DVDs, comprehensive instructions and adding walls and screen doors is often estimated to be a 15-minute job. But when you’re standing on a stool, dealing with draft strips, sail rails, clips, zips, and the odd gust of wind, things don’t always go according to manufacturer’s plans. A stroll around most caravan parks or camping areas will commonly reveal some not-so-happy campers struggling with their annexe.

A picture of one such couple posted on our Facebook page sparked a strong and sympa­thetic reaction.

“The first couple of times we put our annexe up on our van we nearly gave up altogether on using the van and it nearly ended in divorce,” said Julie W. “Then we spent time one day reading all the instruc­tions again and found we had missed one vital bit of information to stabilise the an­nexe … now we have very little trouble putting it up.”

Andrew V agreed. “ It does

take time and patience,” he said. “It’s not the easiest thing to do but well worth it when you can.”

However, not all grey nomads are up for the challenge.

“Just roll out the top and don’t worry about the sides!” said Jan P. “It’s so much more relax­ing!”


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