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Truck safety for grey nomads

Truckies and caravanners on road to understanding

Road safety advocate and truckie,  Rod Hannifey, says better understanding between truck drivers  and grey nomads is vital to road safety Not all... Read more

Australian federal driving licence for grey nomads

We are one … so why do we have many licences?

The current Senate inquiry into ‘Aspects of road safety in Australia’ is throwing up a range of topics with direct relevance to grey... Read more

Contos campsite in WA

‘The campsites are better … but you must book online!’

Being forced to book national park campsites online in advance is a system despised by many grey nomads, yet its use continues to... Read more

Grey nomads and the zika virus

‘Concern over Zika virus won’t stop us travelling’

With many grey nomads’ thoughts beginning to turn to heading north for the cooler months, the emergence of the mosquito-borne Zika virus is... Read more

Grey nomads worried about insect issues

Invasion of the insects

Annoying insects are just another of the things – like impatient drivers, expensive fuel, and overcrowded van parks – that grey nomads have... Read more

Grey nomads make friends on the open road

Is the Big Lap really the ultimate friend zone?

The Happy Hour tradition is one which is synonymous with the grey nomad lifestyle but – unless you are travelling with friends –... Read more

Grey nomads need to slow doiwn in caravan parks

Slow down in van parks, nomads. Hazards about!

Every school holidays, grey nomads are constantly being warned to be on their guard for the annual influx of running, scootering and cycling children.... Read more

Esperance bushfire scares grey nomads

Heroic firefighter leads grey nomads to safety

The death of four people in Western Australian bushfires in late 2015 hammered home just how real the danger faced by grey nomads... Read more

Heritage Caravan Park in Alice Springs welcomes dogs

Creature comforts a growing priority for van parks

As caravan parks evolve to better cater to the varying demands of a range of customers, a new breed of ‘super pet friendly’... Read more

Caravan accident survival tale

‘Crash nightmare won’t stop us living our dream!”

Nearly 12 months ago on a West Australian road, a grey nomad couple was involved in a terrifying accident that left their dream... Read more


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