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Grey nomads wave on roads

Wave of approval for rural roads ritual

The grey nomad tradition of waving to fellow travellers on remote highways is alive and well … and so is the sense of... Read more

On the road to a good relationship

Grey nomads are being warned that the stresses of life on the road can strain their relationships to the limit. However, psychologists also... Read more

Grey nomads put strain on outback medical facilities

Grey nomad invasion ‘straining’ rural medical facilities?

The annual grey nomad ‘inva­sion’ is putting medical facilities in many small communities under severe stress … with some experts warning that patient... Read more

Dump point debate

How much would you pay to use a dump point?

What is a fair price for cara­vanners and motorhomers to pay to use a dump point? While many communities are embracing the potential... Read more

Grey nomads head north

Grey nomads’ northward migration under way

The great grey nomad pilgrim­age north is under way and it’s looking like being bigger … and earlier … than ever. As the... Read more

Grey nomads travelling can live longer

Being a grey nomad is good for you

Taking off on the Big Lap can improve your physical and mental wellbeing and add years to your life expectancy, a new study... Read more

Australian landscape changing

Mining changes the face of Australian landscape

The resources boom has brought much wealth to Australia, but it has also changed the grey nomad experience … perhaps forever. And it’s... Read more

Should dogs be allowed in Australia's national parks?

Is park dog ban fair?

The banning of dogs from virtually all Australian national parks and conservation areas is an issue that has long got grey nomads –... Read more

Missing the Grandkids

What’s the worst thing about being on the road long-term? It’s a no-brainer for most nomads – being away from the Grandkids, of... Read more

Bruce Highway

Danger on the Bruce Highway

A series of recent horrific crashes on Queensland’s Bruce Highway has once again brought the shocking state of the road into the spotlight.... Read more


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