Space-conscious grey nomads can now enjoy a flat red … and a flat white!

Environmentally-aware, space-conscious, wine-drinking grey nomads can start celebrating … the flat bottle is here!

For too long, the only option for travellers heading out into the bush for extended periods was to allow unwieldly, hard-to-store bottles to take over the van … or to opt for cask wine.

But no more.

Following successful launches of its eco-flat bottles across Europe, Packamama has arrived in Australia offering a climate-friendly format to wine drinkers.

The company says its bottles offer game-changing improvements in shape and material, while still allowing consumers to retain that emotional connection to pouring wine from a bottle.

“Flat to save space, and made from 100% recycled PET to save weight and energy, our bottles significantly slash carbon emissions and transport costs in the supply chain,” said Packamama.

For grey nomads trying to calculate how much space the format could save in the van, they may have to extrapolate the data they need from Packamama’s stats.

It says that in Australia, 1152 eco-flat bottles can be fitted onto a pallet, compared to the typical 768 round glass ones. The use of recycled PET as the main bottle material also makes the bottles approximately 83% lighter than glass bottles. They are also fully recyclable after use, although this does not include the cap.

The lighter, unbreakable plastic bottle is set to be a more convenient option for consumers, especially those constantly on-the-go … like grey nomads.

Packamama has collaborated with winemakers Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines in Australia, and eco-bottles of Banrock Station wines and Taylors’ One Small Step range will be for sale exclusively through select Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market stores.

Coles executive Mia Lloyd said it was exciting to be at the leading edge of packaging innovation, and that the advantages of the new format were not just to do with reducing the carbon footprint associated with transport.

“The lightweight and flatter eco-bottle also gives our customers a convenient new option when they’re packing for that camping or caravan holiday,” she said.

  • Can you see the flat eco bottle making your travels that little bit easier? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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