Cossack conundrum … Quiz

1. I am travelling directly between the Queensland towns of Goomeri and Gympie. Which highway will I spend the majority of my time on?

2. The West Australia ghost town once known as Tien Tsin was re-named Cossack in 1871:

a). After explorer Alexander Smirnov, who was known as ‘Cossack’ due to his Russian heritage

b). After the name of the vessel which brought the state governor, Sir Frederick Weld, to the area.

c). After the touring Buffalo Bill’s wild west show ‘Cossack’ which had just arrived in Australia

3. Shortest road distance between Coffs Harbour in NSW and Canberra in the ACT.


b). 804kms

c). 1283km

4. Asian Mat (anagram). The Apple of many grey nomads’ eye. Where is it?

5. ‘I Go’ after a word for curve to find a Victorian town. Where did I find?



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