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Grey Nomad Character of the Road

Maurie and Janet

After spending a large part of the last 20 years criss-crossing the country, Maurie and Janet reckon they know a thing or two... Read more

John is a grey nomads free camper


Solo traveller John R, 77, (aka yeoeleven) is happy to call the open road – and his Coaster bus – his home What... Read more

Tasmanian charcaters of the road

Max & LIz

Heat-seeking Tasmanians Max & Liz (mid 60s) head north for winter n their 21’ JB Scorpion Off Road  What do you travel in?... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Susan and Lou

Susan, 67, and Lou, 69, sold their Geelong home more than five years ago … and haven’t looked back. They love being able... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Sandra & Kerry

Sandra and Kerry B ( 69 & 63) may live in the bright lights of Brisbane but they’re much more at home inn... Read more

Grey nomad characters

Phil & Sue

Phil M, 68, and wife Sue, 66, from Victoria have been camping together since they first got married back in 1966 … and... Read more

Grey nomad characters f the road travel in pop-top caravan

Fred & Inga

 Fred & Inga E still call Wowan in Queensland home … but they’re not there as often as they used to be!  What... Read more

Marg, Leon and Chad enjoy travels in their Winnebago

Marg, Leon and Chad (the spaniel)

Marg, 62, Leon, 70, and Chad the Cocker Spaniel are on the road full-time. What rig do you travel in? ‘Essie’, our 26ft... Read more

Grey nomads to upgrade caravan

Shirley & Dennis

Flying seaweed and suicidal cows can’t put Shirley K, 61, and husband Dennis, 66, off the grey nomad lifestyle What rig do you... Read more

Loris G is grey nomad

Loris G (aka Orange)

Solo female traveller Loris G (aka Orange) is doing the Big Lap her way … and loving every moment of it! How do... Read more


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