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Grey nomad characters of the road
Brad and Maria can take the tracks in comfort

Brad, 50, and Maria, 51, are living the dream … permanently!

What rig do you travel in?
A 1660 Executive by Supreme, towed by a 2005 HiLux Extra Cab, that has a custom-built camping box (which we affectionately call the Pie Truck) built onto the tray. The van provides us with 5-star on-road living, and the Pie Truck provides a comfortable off-road solution.

How long do your trips last?
We have been on the road permanently since December, 2011. We travelled for seven months back in 2009 and that opened our eyes to the grey nomad lifestyle! We took two years before taking the final leap, and we haven’t looked back!

Where do you like to camp?
While we enjoy the fantastic free camps of Australia, we also don’t mind lapping up the luxuries of a comfy caravan park!

Likes of the lifestyle?
No alarm clocks, and the freedom to go wherever takes our fancy or to take a last-minute detour to attend a festival or event.

… any dislikes?
People who leave their rubbish behind make our blood boil. And backpackers who don’t use pegs to hang their washing out! Why wash clothes if they’re going to end up on the ground?!!

What wouldn’t you be without?
Our portable solar panels which allow us to free camp for any length of time, and the Pie Truck which gives us the flexibility to go off-road.

On the-road hobbies?
Brad plays guitar … and golf when he can. Maria writes a newsletter for friends and family, and likes to investigate local areas of interest.

Favourite place to camp?
Country or outback Australia (regardless of state) provides a wonderful array of places to pull up. They also offer a fascinating look into our rich past.

Scariest nomad experience?
On our 2009 trip of discovery, our first tow vehicle (a 20-year-old Fairlane) decided to stop towing on a blind corner going up Mount Black, near Roseberry in Tasmania. As we had blocked the entire left lane we both had to control the traffic around us for an hour until a Good Samaritan finally stopped to help us.

Advice for wannabe nomads?
The close proximity of living in a caravan is not for everyone, so you have to truly enjoy each other’s company! That said, it doesn’t hurt to go and do something on your own to give each other some space! Do a short trip first to see if it’s for you. Don’t commit all your resources to a single rig for a single idea.


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