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Grey nomad character of the road
Sharp Park is a favourite

Glenda M, 59, and Richard P from Ballarat are happily retired … and reckon life on the Aussie road beats overseas travel hands down!

What do you travel in?
Our Lagoon Pasadena 2013 suits our lifestyle well as it has an ensuite … and a washing machine! We have previously had a tent, a campervan, and a pop top van. We generally travel for around 4-5 months at a time.

Where do you camp?
Because we have a dog, we can’t really stay in national parks. We use caravan parks for the convenience, and then free camps between destina­tions.

Likes of the lifestyle?
Freedom, variety, relaxation, meeting new people and see­ing distant friends.

Any dislikes?
I am not a fan of inconsiderate drivers. Especially since we were nearly run off the road by a stupid driver.

Favourite on-the-road meal?
When I don’t have to cook!

Patchwork, fishing, reading, relaxing.

What wouldn’t you be without?
Our new gas heater for those cold off-road mornings.

Favourite camp?
Sharp Park in Witheren, Queensland. You pay $6 per night per person. The only amenities are toilets but you can have fires at night and they supply the fireplace. You can buy wood from them. You are able to use your generator between certain hours only, which is great because they are not going off all the time. It is 4 kilometres to shops where there is a supermarket, butcher, video rental, bakery and more. The only problem is the nearest dump point is 30 kilometres away. Otherwise, it is beautiful … and so peaceful.

Advice for wannabe nomads?
Buy the caravan that you can afford at the time, then upgrade when you can afford it. It really took us a total of 15 years to get the caravan we wanted.

Anything else?
Just have fun. It is a wonderful lifestyle. You can take off when you want, and leave when you want. There are so many people travelling overseas who miss out on seeing our beautiful country. A six-week overseas trip is all over after those six weeks. But, for the cost of your overseas trip, you can buy your first campervan or caravan and then you can get years and years of fun out of it.


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