Jenny & Graham

Grey nomads Jenny and Graham characters of the road

Canberrans Jenny & Graham (late 60s) learned an awful lot as they travelled around this amazing country for 12 months           

What do you travel in?
Pajero (2011) and Windsor Seaview (2005). The van is a 21’ with a full bathroom.

Where do camp?
We try to free camp whenever possible. Our water lasts about 3-4 days (180 litres) with a quick shower each a day. We put the fridge on gas, and our van’s battery lasts longer than the water. We have replaced our lights with LEDs. We wish there were more free camps close to towns, but understand that caravan parks have to make a living.

Likes of the lifestyle?
The free and easy lifestyle, meeting and learning from others, camping in comfort and seeing the wonders of this beautiful country.

… any dislikes?
We both put on weight! There was, so much sitting in the car, and too many Happy Hours, morning and afternoon teas, too many stops at bakeries … and too many ice creams!

Where did you go?
We planned our 12-month trip leaving Canberra in March. We had April in NSW, May in Qld, June in NT, July in the Kimberley, August around Carnarvon, Shark Bay, Sept heading down to Perth, Oct south of Perth, Nov in SA, Dec in Vic, Jan/Feb in Tassie, and back home through coastal NSW in March. We had the best of the weather all around.

On the road hobbies?
I used a diary with about 4-5 lines for each day. As we drove along, I also knitted squares to make rugs for people in Africa. We both did puzzles over breakfast because there usually wasn’t a newspaper to read. Also photography.

What wouldn’t you be without?
Our water filters meant we could hook up to bore water if necessary. One filter filters out the dirt and the other filters out germs. Also, before we left home, we bought an iPad with a GPS built in, and used Hema 4WD maps so we didn’t get lost once, and it showed all the tracks we would want to use.

Any regrets?
We did take a generator but only used it a couple of times. If we go again, we will add a reversing camera on the back of the van, an event camera in the car, and take portable solar panels. Also, we wouldn’t bother taking an annexe … we didn’t use it once. What is handy is a shade cloth to add to the side of an awning, and one to cover the outside of the van where the fridge is.

Favourite place?
Carnarvon Gorge was great. Our favourite free camps were in Tassie – Bay of Fires, and near Scottsdale. Also, the sun­sets on Eighty Mile Beach.


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