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Roger & Jeanette

Roger, 68, and Jeannette, 66, love to travel in a caravan convoy with friends … and they are fully equipped for long stays... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road Jim and Helen

Jim and Helen

With no previous towing experience, Jim, 70, and Helen, 67, from Lake Macquarie, NSW, decided a motorhome was the best way for them... Read more

Jim & Jean

Jim & Jean (72 & 64) aka ‘kiwijims’ have travelled in both Australia and New Zealand … and have gone through 41 caravans... Read more

grey nomad character

Peter & Judy

Full timers Peter & Judy H (65 and 64) travel with a cat, a Bible … and a positive attitude What do you... Read more

Anton free camping


Anton, 69, from Tassie is travelling solo … and loving life on the road! He enjoys free camping and says he has been... Read more

Grey nomads character of the road

Tin & David R

Self-styled apprentice grey nomads, Tina & David R are hooked on the grey nomad lifestyle … even after a few hitches What rig... Read more

Grey Nomad characters of the road

Glenn and Anne

Glenn & Anne retired early, live in an over-50s village … and love to travel What rig do you travel in? Tug is... Read more

Doug and grey nomad character of the road

Doug (Dougwe)

Solo traveller Doug (Dougwe), 63, loves life in the ‘Playground’ … especially if he is camping anywhere near water.  What do you travel... Read more

Grey nomads of Australia characters

Eddie & Felice

War service pensioner Eddie W, 64, and wife Felice love to support rural towns as they travel around Australia What rig do you... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Julia and Jim

Canberra couple Julia, 55, and Jim, 57 are gearing up to retire What do you travel in?  Evernew 23.5 ft & Jeep Grand... Read more


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