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Grey nomads character of the road

Tin & David R

Self-styled apprentice grey nomads, Tina & David R are hooked on the grey nomad lifestyle … even after a few hitches What rig... Read more

Rosey and partner with their rig

Rosey and partner

Why does your current rig suit your lifestyle? My partner and I travel in a Prado VX 120 series diesel auto, towing a... Read more

Doug and grey nomad character of the road

Doug (Dougwe)

Solo traveller Doug (Dougwe), 63, loves life in the ‘Playground’ … especially if he is camping anywhere near water.  What do you travel... Read more

Grey nomads of Australia characters

Eddie & Felice

War service pensioner Eddie W, 64, and wife Felice love to support rural towns as they travel around Australia What rig do you... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

John and Lorraine

John, 62, and Lorraine, 56, sold up to hit the road full-time in July, 2011 What do you travel in? Our 21’ Kedron... Read more

Lyme disease caravan

Sherria P

Sherria P, 66, travels Australia long-term with her dog … and she raises awareness of Lyme disease as she goes. What do you... Read more

Part-time grey nomads

Norm & Jenny

After seven months on the road as full-timers, Norm and Jenny decided they needed a base and they now appreciate both their trips and... Read more

Adam and Lynnie Plate farwell

Terry and Rosemary

Victorians Terry and Rosemary, aged between 60 and 70, are ready to roll. They have enjoyed many, many ‘shorter’ caravanning trips dating back... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Philip & Vicki

Having first started vanning 27 years ago, Philip & Vicki B (58 & 56) from Queanbeyan, have learned to value their space What rig... Read more

Barb and Darryl

Barb and Darryl, both 55, from Victoria Point, Qld have plans to see more What rig do you travel in? We have a... Read more


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