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Rex and Denise can't imagine living in a house again

Former van park managers Rex, 68, and Denise, 62, are full-time travellers

What rig do you travel in?
Our 19’6 Paramount Delta semi off-road van has two solar panels and a battery with a smart charger. It has everything we want … shower/toilet combined, plenty of cupboards and storage space … but we would love a bigger fridge.

Do you have a travel plan?
We have a starting point and a destination in mind, and everything in the middle is flexible depending on how we feel. Sometimes the detours are more fun than the day’s planned destination. If we like the spot we will stay a few days.

Where do you like to camp?
Our preference is for free or bush camping. We also enjoy national parks. If we need to have power and water we try to find a showground to stay in … the fees are usually very reasonable. We rarely stay in van parks as we are on a limited budget.

Best thing about lifestyle
The freedom to go wherever the mood takes us. You also meet some great people. Everyone has a story to tell, and good advice about where to stay and what to see. Happy hour in a camp is always informative and entertaining. We could not imagine going back to living in a house.

Hobbies on the road?
I love my e-book reader and also take lots of photographs. Rex loves to fish so some of our favourite spots are beside rivers or dams. Rex also loves to read, play golf … and to chat. You will see him wandering around the camp chatting to everyone.

Favourite camping spot?
Bedford Weir 27km North of Blackwater in Central Qld is a great free camp spot, with hot showers, toilets and a barbecue. You can camp for seven days.

Tips for newbie nomads?
Remember you and your partner will be with each other 24/7 so it is important to give each other space to do the things you enjoy separately. It is great if you both have a hobby or an activity you like to pursue.

Any budgeting tips?
We do some housesitting as we travel which helps. Fuel is our biggest expense so we travel at 85km per hour. We also travel shorter distances and stop longer in one place. Shopping in major towns and buying fresh fruit and vegetables from roadside vendors also helps. Free camping allows us to treat ourselves to small indulgences like a river cruise or entry to an attraction.


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