‘It’s been incredible, but no more big trips for us now!’

When Mark and Carol Scully retired back in 2012, there was only one thing on their minds … hitting the open road!

Eight years and 150,000 kilometres or so later, they have completed the approximate equivalent of four Big Laps, and have accumulated a mountain of special memories.

The couple, who have a home base on the New South Wales Central Coast, chose to break up their adventures by first travelling for six months or so before ‘pausing’ at home while taking a series of shorter trips … and then heading off on another ‘six monther’, and so on and so on.

Mark says there was method in their madness.

“We reckon six months is long enough for two people to be in an aluminium box together,” he laughs.

The pair travel in a 19’6 Majestic Series 3 Caravan towed by a 2006 3-litre diesel Prado, and the combo has served them well. They said they took their time and spoke to a ‘zillion people’ before choosing the rig that was right for them and how they wanted to travel.

“We prefer free camps and station stays and only really go to town parks when the occasion is warranted and then we try to stay in showgrounds,” said Mark. “Our favourite place of everywhere we have been is really the entire WA coastline and we’ve done it twice now … once upwards and once downwards.”

As grey nomads who really like to get out into remote areas, Mark and Carol are big believers in proper planning.

“Preparation is very important for these long trips,” said Mark. “Things like paying attention to your tyres, wheel bearings and planning your fuel stops are most essential.”

The couple has seen some incredible places and met some amazing people, but they recognise that all good things must eventually come to an end.

“Unfortunately, our long-distance travelling days are now over due to a combination of old age and a few health issues,” said Mark.

So, does that mean that the trusty rig will soon be gathering dust in the garage? Not likely! “We’ve only just come back from a six-week trip to the Flinders Ranges via the top half of New South Wales,” said Mark. “And we are very much looking forward to a lot more frequent shorter trips on the east coast.”

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