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Grey nomads embrace photography as a hobby


Kathy and Frank, both 62 from Quirindi, NSW, see the big picture What do you travel in? We have a Traveller Bel-Air 22’... Read more


Woodturner Terry R from Hervey Bay travels with wife Val … but without his beloved lathe! How long do you travel for? We... Read more

Join the search for buried treasure


Fossicking for gemstones is becoming an increasingly popular pursuit among the growing legions of grey nomads. And it’s not hard to see why.... Read more

Grey nomads knit teddy bears

Knitting teddies

Annette, 57, lives on the road with husband Robin, 59, … and a van full of teddy bears! Where’s your base? We are... Read more

Walking is a great way of keeping fit

Keeping fit

Travelling around Australia long-term is a fantastic opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle and to possibly rediscover fitness and vitality. Grey nomads are... Read more

Grey nomads learn about genealogy


Charlie and Libby (aka Chaslib), both 64, from Alstonville, NSW, have been on the road to their family’s past. What do you travel in?... Read more

A diary will help you remember the trip

Recording your journey

How good are you at keeping your journal? Most nomads set off on the ‘Big One’ with every intention of keeping a blow-by-blow... Read more

Grey nomad hobbies, dog grooming

Dog grooming

How long do travel for? We are usually gone for between six and 10 weeks and usually head up to the centre of... Read more

Star struck


The magnificence of the southern sky will never be more vivid than when you’re travelling in the Outback.  For many nomads, there comes... Read more

Ukulele playing grey nomad

Playing the ukulele

Packing for the Big Lap is a challenge for all grey nomads, but it can be triply so for music-loving travellers. When space... Read more


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