Woodturner Terry R from Hervey Bay travels with wife Val … but without his beloved lathe!

How long do you travel for?
We have been ‘on the wal­laby’ full time for almost four years now. We sold/gave away everything we could not carry in the van or back of the Ute! Our home is a 24’ Jayco Sterling with a bedroom slide-out. It has an ensuite and also a washing machine. Our tow vehicle is a Navara 2.5l CRD … fitted with a Steinbauer. We average 15 litres per 100 kilometres towing the van.

What are your hobbies?
Valerie’s hobbies are card making (used to be pottery making – we did carry her pottery wheel for a while – it now resides at friend’s place and we visit it every so often). My hobby is woodturning and we used to carry my lathe – it also resides at friend’s place – same visiting rights. Our friends own a property and when we camp there I turn up a few pens, bowls etc to sell on the road.

Is it a good nomad hobby?
I think it’s a great hobby; it gets me out of the van and I also make new friends if we are in a town that has a turn­ing club. Lots of people are interested – especially when we used to carry my lathe in the back of the Ute.

What do you like to make?
Pens are my favourite – they don’t take long – are easy to carry and also sell quite well. I find that I can use any old bits of timber I find.

Do you miss your lathe?
Yes, but it ended up taking up too much room. I had to leave it at home so I could carry my still (but that’s another story)!

Will you ever stop travelling?
We have been round the block once when we were still working. We are now happily retired and spend about 10 months on the road each year, returning to the Brisbane area to visit family and friends over the Christmas school holidays.

Where do you like to camp?
We do a lot of free camping – finding we make more friends this way – but we do stay in van parks when we are in an area that means we have to unhitch to see the sights.

Advice to wannabe nomads?
Do some in depth research about your choice of tow ve­hicle, but do it after you have selected your van. You will spend a lot of time in and out of the van. ‘Like’ it first and then get the vehicle to suit.


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