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underground skyscraper

Could ugly ex-mining sites be made into elegant cities down under?

The mining boom generated an enormous amount of wealth for much of Australia, but it also created a few headaches … not least... Read more

Grey nomads and the Covid-19 vaccine

How can full-time grey nomads can best access the Covid-19 vaccine?

Dr. John Hall, the President of the Rural Doctors Association, explains the steps grey nomads need to take to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.... Read more

caravan accident

Here’s why towing a caravan at the right speed is so absolutely critical

Leading accident investigation expert, Mark George, explains why towing a caravan is much safer if the driver stays below the ‘system critical speed’... Read more

Grey nomads love birdwatching on the Big Lap

Why birdwatching is flying high for many grey nomads on the Big Lap

Australia boasts some of the most spectacular, iconic and beloved birds in the world, and there is no better place to enjoy them... Read more

road challenge

Small individual risk factors can all add up to create an ‘accident’

Risk expert, Robert Medbury, takes a closer look at how the ‘process’ of a caravan accident can unfold over a period of time... Read more

taking the risk out of caravan towing

How to manage risk while out on the open road towing a caravan

A leading expert in risk management, Robert Medbury, takes a careful look at the factors that play a part in all caravan accidents... Read more

Is there an argument for compelling caravanners to do a towing course?

        With so many caravan accidents making headlines on an almost weekly basis, it it time radical action was taken... Read more

safety on the open road

How caravanners can better prepare to stay safe on the open road

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia highlights some key safety tips for grey nomads hitting the open road with a caravan in tow.... Read more

old grey nomad gadgets

Shiny new gadgets of the road V tried and trusted ‘old timers’

Shiny new devices and ‘oh-so-clever’ innovations have transformed the way grey nomads travel over the past few years and past few decades. There... Read more

Exmouth eco-friendly caravan park

Eco-friendly caravan park planned for WA. Is it the way of the future?

Any grey nomad who used to go camping as a child will know that today’s caravan parks are very different places than they... Read more


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