Bushfires are again posing a threat across the country – are you ready?

Grey nomads and fire danger

Bushfires have once again been ravaging huge areas across Australia, putting grey nomads on notice of just how vulnerable they can be when travelling in remote regions.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has put out bushfire survival information specifically aimed at caravanners and campers.

It warns people not to travel through remote or isolated areas on Total Fire Ban days. And it says that, before travelling, grey nomads and others should check:

  • Fire Danger Ratings and Bush Fire Alerts on relevant websites or Smartphone apps.
  • Caravans have a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • Electrical and gas equipment is secure, appropriately fitted, in good working order, and turned off while travelling
  • The weather conditions at www.bom.gov.au
  • How you can call for help
  • Survival kit packed, including a working battery-operated radio, protective clothing, woollen blankets and water.

When it comes to planning a campsite, it says travellers should look for:

  • Good access and escape routes
  • Flat site with a cleared area that is not on a hilltop
  • Nearby safe location to go to in case of fire
  • Avoid driving over long grass as hot exhaust pipes can ignite grass
  • Be familiar with parks’ local evacuation plan and location of fire-fighting equipment

And to increase safety while camping, the NSW Rural Fire Service urges people:

  • Don’t cook or smoke in tents and use electric or battery operated lights
  • Caravans must be well vented before using gas
  • On Total Fire Ban days you must not use a portable barbecue. Stoves can be used inside caravans
  • Turn off lanterns and extinguish fires and candles before bed.

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