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Limitless speed, fuelless motoring, and nerveless pigs!

Hallloooo Maillbaagggerrrrs! The most unpredictable, intermittent ‘weekly’ column in the history of publishing has made a surprise – but hopefully welcome – return.... Read more

Grey nomads tolls

Tolls = anger. Roadhouse = memories. Gems = riches. Barge fees = fury!

Halloooo Mailbaggerrs! Well, it’s been a while, which means the messages from our magnificent membership have been piling up. So, without further ado,... Read more

Grey nomads kill cane toads

Taking on toads, thieves and dust …. and winning!

Halloooo Mailllbagggerrrs! Welcome back to the column that never fails to deliver an entertaining insight into what’s getting Australia’s grey nomads excited, enraged... Read more

Weekly mailbag for grey nomads

Nomads give credit where credit’s due

Halloooo Mailbaggerrrs! Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the column that takes the pulse of the grey nomad community like no other.... Read more

Grey Nomads Weekly Mailbag

Floods of controversy, a free camp free-for-all … and a posh tablecloth!

Halllooooo Mailbaggerrrrs! Welcome back to the wacky world of the wildest Weekly Mailbag in the grey nomad universe. It’s been all go here... Read more

Evil eyes ... Emus can rule the road

Expect the unexpected in encounters with evil-eyed emus

Hallloooo Mailbagggerrrrrs! Welcome to another wackily wonderful walk on the grey nomad wild side. And, boy, are you wild this week! Jon gets... Read more

Digging for vans

Are road trains music to a sleepy nomad’s ears?

Halllooooo Maillllbagggggerrrs! Welcome to another cracking edition of the most irregular and unpredictable Weekly Mailbag in the history of publishing. Yup, when it... Read more

More fish in the sea for the wild but friend West

Halllooo Mailbbagggerrrs! Welcome back to another rip-roaring ripper of a read as our controversy-loving correspondents take us on a fun-filled incident packed tour... Read more

Does Bill really need to take one of these?

Are nomads of the West grouchier than the rest?

Hallllooo Mailbaggerrs! Welcome to another lightning tour of the grey nomad universe …. as seen by our army of eager correspondents. Plenty to enjoy... Read more

A horse, a dog, my kingdom for a horse

Halloooo Maillbaggerrsss! Long time, no see. Apologies to all for going AWOL yet again … and thanks to all of you who wrote... Read more


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