Possible end to gloom and an appeal for a slicker sticker

Halllooo Maillbaggggerrrrs!

Wow! What a long, long week it’s been! Those of you with very good memories will no doubt recall that the last ‘Weekly’ Mailbag was a horribly gloomy affair. There were gripes galore as everything from restrictions on free camping to ‘doof doof’ music and hoons came in for an email caning.

So, are we more cheerful this week?

Jim R is definitely hoping so. “Pity to see so many Mailbaggers so disgruntled,” he wrote. “Maybe next week they’ll feel gruntled!”

Fingers crossed, Jim

Peter M is also doing his best to put the days of discontent behind us. Addressing some of last week’s groans, he rightly points out that the noisy campsite hoons are in a tiny minority and also that using our commonsense over the use of generators will go a long way to solving conflicts over that issue.

However, one of last week’s problems was beyond even Peter M’s conciliatory powers. “Wild sex parties … well I don’t know where you go to see these but I suggest that we as a group keep a record of all the things that get up our nose and keep those areas posted to our site,” he said. “Stay away from these areas and just maybe some official in charge somewhere may just stop and think why are we not going there.”

Thanks, Peter M. I feel a warm ray of sunshine illuminating the grey, grey nomad world! Uh …oh. That didn’t last long. Dark clouds rolling in from the north.

It’s those darned restrictions on camping at the Mudgee showgrounds that’s to blame. “I know I will not be stopping in Mudgee,” says Ben glumly.

Ken T is equally unhappy. “If the councils continue to make these places harder for us nomads to use we will bypass these towns and take our money to those that appreciate what we bring to the area,” he says. “It is the caravan parks and businesses that will miss out … the greed is getting mind boggling.”

Here comes Trevor L. Is he going to lighten the mood by telling us where they are giving away free fuel, where there are roads with no potholes, where there are tourist attractions with no charges …….. noooooooooo! He’s taking us back to Mudgee.

“Did the caravan park owner in Mudgee have any objections from motels or hotels when he installed cabins in his park,” he asks. “Does he advocate closing down any business which competes in any way with another … do the video stores ask the online retailers of movies be shut down as competing businesses … I don’t think so.”

But what’s a poor caravan park owner to do? Trevor’s got an idea.

“What did the movie say?” he asks. “Build it, and they will come … well, give people what they want and they will come!”

In the words of another movie Trevor: ‘You’re dreamin.’

Well, I’m not sure if Garth M is cheerful or not but at least he’s not talking about Mudgee. He wants to comment on the plans to let shooters have a crack at feral creatures in the NSW national parks.Feral pig

“Feral animals have decimated our natural wildlife and I don’t see a great reduction in their numbers; foxes are back in plague numbers and cats not far behind,” he says (ahem, rather depressingly). “We have wild goats, wild pigs and – together with the cats and foxes – I have not seen or read of any major culling program to rid the country of these pests.”

Sigh! Come back, Mudgee …all is forgiven!

Hang on … there is hope. Garth – who is not a shooter but travels and works in remote parts of SA and WA – says there is a solution.

“I say let the sporting shooters assist in cleaning up what the government and rangers cannot do,” he says. “Sporting shooters are trained and licensed and I believe would work with the rangers to rid the parks of unwanted pests.”

Okay, that’s a bit better but we need a serious mood lightener. Cometh the hour cometh the man. A few editions back, good old Barry S got Mailbaggers thinking hard when he wanted clever ideas about what the VIC in Victoria stood for (Van is Cold was the cheeky winner). It was all good fun (which is after all what it’s all about) and now Barry S is up to his old ‘have-a-bit-of- a laugh’ tricks again.

“I have a very serious question that could do with some suggestions from your GN readers,” he writes. “What slogan should I have printed across the back of our van, I would like it to be original capturing the real me?”

Let’s help our cheerful compadre Mailbaggers. But before you start writing in, here’s a bit of an insight into Barry’s personality. Here are some commonly seen van stickers and his views on them.

Adventure before Dementia


Over used


Living the dream


Too common


Spending the kids inheritance


No need to tell the kids what we are doing


Back in 10 Months


Not bad


This L Do


No further ambition


Where R We


I can Relate to this


Pissed N Broke


Not a good look


Cruisin – Boozin – Snoozin


Suggested by our daughter-in-law


Time Rich – Cash Poor


Too much time to spend the little bit of money we have


Done Worrin


Can’t stop worrying


Resting after work


There is life after work


Do – N – Time


Caravanning is not a bad way to do time


On parole


Only if the wife allows


Regurgitated youth


In denial that we are getting old


I want to live before I die


I don’t see any future in passing on.


Linger Longer


Is this taking time to smell the roses?


Our Generations Mistakes are now the X’s & Y’s problems.


Well; life does not come with any instructions….so if we didn’t make any mistakes we didn’t do anything.


Well, Barry reckons none of the above cuts the mustard as far as his own message is concerned.

“Now that I’m 60 + GST and having worked and paid taxes for 50 years I deserve a slogan that oozes respect and dignity,” he says. “Please no nasty suggestions as I do have feelings too! Be charitable and ignore any of my possible, perceived faults.”

Over to you mighty Mailbaggers. Let’s send Barry S on his way with a slogan that befits his status.

Okay … now to close the show we are risking a return to Trevor L who – stirred into action by our recent story on a report on happiness in retirement – is happy to share with us his views on happiness.

“Jeez, where do I start?” he smiles. “Happiness is a state of mind I’m reliably informed.”

Great start, Trevor, Let’s keep it upbeat

“So, if the big banks didn’t rip us off, the medical system did elective surgery with no waiting lists, we could actually afford to go to the dentist and get decent oral care, we could actually afford decent food at decent prices instead of being ripped off by the big two chains, and they paid the farmers a decent price for their produce, Harvey Norman and the rest didn’t make our whitegoods the most expensive in the developed world, well I would be in seventh heaven,” he says. Ummm, that didn’t go so well, did it?

Hang on … he’s not done yet.

“I might just be a cynical but possibly happy grey nomad.”

Possibly? Well, after the gloomy emails of recent weeks I’ll settle for ‘possibly happy’. Any advance on ‘possibly’ anyone?

Well, for what it’s worth I’m certainly feeling a lot more ‘gruntled’. See you all next week (I promise).

Farewell, Mighty Maillllbbaggerrrs!


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