WA steps up efforts to win the roadside rubbish war

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Litter in WA can be stopped
Litter war ... will more bins beat the rubbish vandals?

Grey nomads who are enraged by the growing litter problems along our highways and byways will no doubt welcome the latest efforts to deal with the blight of roadside rubbish.

The Western Australian State Government has just launched a new anti-litter trial at garbage hotspots along the Great Northern Highway, the Great Eastern Highway, Brand Highway and Forrest Highway

Signs that discourage littering will be put up on the highways and at rest stop bins, and complimentary litter bags will be available at 20 roadhouses along these routes.

The Regional Roadside Litter Prevention Project is designed to reduce rubbish on roadsides and change motorists’ long-term littering behaviour.

The Keep Australia Beautiful Council will also survey drivers at the roadhouses on their reactions to littering.

“We have bins, we have tips, we have the whole lot yet we still continue to disrespect our country by throwing rubbish out the window,” Swan Hills MLA, Frank Alban, told the Advocate newspaper. “These roads are our shopfront to the Swan Hills and the rest of the state, it is awful not only for locals, but for visitors to see the most beautiful country in the world littered.”

The $185,000 project – supported by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council (WA) and Main Roads WA – will run until the end of the year.

Results from the 2015-16 National Litter Index indicated roadsides continued to attract high volumes of litter, and were where the majority of litter in the state was found.

  • Have you been shocked by the amount of litter along Australia’s roads and at rest stops? Where do you think the worst places are? Comment below.


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9 Responses to WA steps up efforts to win the roadside rubbish war

  1. Worse places for littering would be 20 kilometres either side of a MacDonalds. These clowns get the munchies after smoking dope, get the Macca’s and then throw the remains out the window. I reckon that all MacDonalds restaurants should have to pay a fee for rubbish clearing.
    Simple answer for dirty toilets is to only allow them to open with a code. You phone a number, receive a code which allows you to unlock the door. If you enter the toilet and it is a pigsty, you report it and the last phone number can be traced for the cost of the clean-up.

    • So true. Our daughter lives near a McDonalds and the rubbish that ends up in her front yard is disgraceful.

    • Great idea the problem is for a lot of grey nomads like my wife are still running old technology flip phones, etc

  2. SA and NT don’t appear to have the same problem as the rest of Australia.

    • Possibly because they have recycling

  3. If the local Councils were to introduce a more regular pickup of rubbish from road side rest areas, there would not be so much rubbish blowing around from over-flowing bins.
    Travelling down the Great Northern Highway recently, we noticed every rest area was the same, people are trying to do the right thing, but what you can’t do is put rubbish into an over-flowing bin.

  4. This is my tenth trip to WA from Vic and the thing that disgusts me most is truck drivers who urinate in plastic bottles and then throw them out. I have never seen so many “yellow” drink

    • They must be very clever truck drivers driving a road train on most parts of the Nullarbor Plain takes a lot of experience and good luck with the drivers who have the attitude blame the truckie

      • Well said Terry. I drive trucks and believe me, there is not much room between you and the steering wheel to do much else but use the 2 hands you have been given, normally 1 to steer and 1 to change gear. More likely culprit would be the 2 into a whizz bang camper that uses this form. By the time a truckie stops, they might as well get out. Why make an accusation without evidence of the truck flinging the said ‘yellow’ bottle?

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