The highs and loos of life on the open road

Published: September 7, 2020

Most grey nomads will be fully aware that the state of public loos in Australia can be a bit hit and miss.

Few travellers enter facilities in more remote areas with at least a degree of trepidation. Sometimes, the cleaners have just been in, or the previous visitors have used the premises with courtesy and respect, and life is good.

And other times … well, other times … you have to shake your head, hold your nose, and look for alternatives.

A social media post about the state of a loo in country New South Wales has certainly caused a bit of a stir and will hopefully lead to an improvement in standards,

The Lithgow Mercury reports that Ian Hatch shared the above image on Facebook of a rest stop bathroom at River Lett Hill near Lithgow,

“I don’t usually rant. But this is disgusting.” Ian wrote. “How can our local council leave public toilets in this condition? I know the area had a lot of transient visitors over the weekend. But there is no excuse for conditions like this.”

However, it seems that the facility in question is not managed by Lithgow City Council, bit rather by Transport NSW.

A Transport NSW spokesperson confirmed to the Lithgow Mercury that the amenity in question was responsible for its upkeep.

“Transport for NSW is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of rest areas along state roads, including the Great Western Highway,” the spokesperson said. “The toilets at the rest stop facility at River Lett Hill are routinely cleaned every Tuesday and Friday.”

Transport NSW urged anyone that finds an issue with a facility to contact them.

“We recognise rest stops and facilities are important assets for motorists and we aim to keep facilities clean and serviceable,” it told the Mercury. “It is disappointing when users of these facilities do not respect others and leave facilities in disarray.”

  • Have you been appalled by the state of some facilities at rest areas or at campsites? Where? What can be done to improve the situation? Comment below.
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1 year ago

It doesn’t matter how often they’re cleaned, it only takes one asshole to make a mess like this because they think it’s funny and that someone else has to clean it up.

1 year ago
Reply to  Barry

Spot on Bazza. We passed through Dajarra 2 weeks after the new facilities opened. They were a mess, disposable nappies in the disability unit, paper everywhere in the others. Was it locals or travellers? Don’t know.

1 year ago

Why are some people just plain dirty and can’t clean up after themselves

1 year ago
Reply to  Diane

Probably because their mummy isn’t travelling with them to look after them Diane.

1 year ago

I totally agree about how disgusting this is. A couple of years ago we had just left Birdsville and stopped neat Betoota. I was first to the lone toilet, located up on a small hill. OMG I was actually sick. I can still smell it and see it in my mind. Blocked and disgusting. No trees, we had to open the vehicle doors and squat there.

1 year ago

Thank goodness for en suites in caravans, wouldn’t be without one. Having said that, sometimes the dump points leave a bit to be desired in terms of tidiness due to both some users and some shires/main roads servicing.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ray

I was billeted to a home once,. No flywire on any cupboard, blowflies everywhere, pile of dog bones behind the door. Dishes overflowing in the sink, two years of newspapers on the floor. No ceiling in the kitchen, I drank a cup of coffee and went outside and puked. Requested a change of billet.

1 year ago

I wonder do people who litter public toilets do the same in their own houses. Pigs is the only way to describe them.

Barbara Williams
1 year ago

That is not dirt that is filth.Just makes you wonder what their home bathrooms are like

1 year ago

Sometimes see cars littered with fast food containers and rubbish or washing hung out for 6days getting smothered with dust etc . Taken in after an overnight heavy dew before the sun has time to dry them.
Restroom facilities left appallingly.
All this makes one wonder.. why are people just so lazy and disrespecting to themselves and others.
Leaving the restroom clean takes less time than to make a mess.
Thank goodness the world has us, who are caring and considerate.
Many times I’ve had to repeat myself a few times to the cleaner when complementing them on their effort of spotlessly clean restrooms. A smile comes when they realise you’re not pulling their leg.

1 year ago

You can’t blame cleaners. That mess shouldn’t be there in the first place. Nobody should have to clean up messes like that unless you make the mess. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend enough time in a public loo to make that mess. In and out and leave it how you found it. Think of the cleaners and the next occupant. Not so hard.

Malcolm N Jeffries
1 year ago

The ratbags who make the mess are disgusting ,but during these times twice a week is not good enough when you consider the amount of money the governments make from the rego. and fuel taxes

1 year ago

Malcolm you hit the nail on the head,twice a week is not enough that’s only 2 days out of 7 should be a minimum of at least 3 times a week. Even that would not stop some of the morons who purposely do these disgusting things. No Brains at all and just as happy without them.

1 year ago

Was in an Alice Springs park three years ago. Some low life decided to defecate all over the floor and in every cubicle.
Terrible job for the cleaning staff. Unfortunatee there are those that live amongst us that slip by the natural selection process

1 year ago
Reply to  Daz

Daz.. Way up north one year, and a couple of indonesion fishingboat fellows were towed into the park with a breakdown… The next morning after a trip to the tip and scrounged up parts to have them back on the road ,they left without so much as a wave… Shortly after they left it was found that they had used their bowels on the floor… Why ? Because they didn’t know how to use the bowl.. From where they came.. they did not have them..

1 year ago

Came across a free camp at Beenleigh and backpackers were washing themselves from the toilet bowl and drying themselves with the toilet rolls. It was similar picture to the photo above. Thank God for Glen20

Steve Ghost
1 year ago

Can’t fix stupid

1 year ago

This looks more like the work of someones unattended little feral.. Problem can be solved with very little effort… Remove the toilet paper … People carry their own toilet paper generally and those that don’t will soon learn that it’s a part of the supplies you need for camping…

1 year ago

So glad we have our own toilet and shower on board.


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