‘Mice invaded our rig … and they got everywhere!’

Published: March 23, 2018
mice invade motorhome

After 19 months on the open road, grey nomads Graham and Sandra Ashley have had their fair share of adventures … but it’s the day the mice invaded their motorhome that still makes them shudder the most.

The couple, who travel in a Winnebago towing a Suzuki Jimny, were camped at Strathalbyn in South Australia last Easter when the heavens opened and it rained and rained.

A few days later, Sandra was laying in her bed when she heard tiny feet scurrying above her head.  They then found that the potatoes they had in a drawer under the cooker had bite marks in them … and so they bought a mouse trap.

“I put peanut butter and jam on it and, sure enough, the first night we caught a mouse!” recalls Sandra. “That was me then – I emptied my food cupboard and my oven and grill and ewwwwww … mouse droppings everywhere!”

The couple suspected the troublesome rodents were coming up through the cupboard where the gas bottles were, and Graham sealed some holes with silicon … but the nighttime scurrying continued.

“The worry, of course, was what they may be doing in the roof space,” said Sandra. “What wires were they chewing … I’m not afraid of mice, but I didn’t like the idea of the little buggers eating their way through our van.”

In the end, the Ashleys trapped six mice, all in the same drawer under the cooker. “

We feared our electrics would one day go down, but we were very fortunate we didn’t have any damage,” said Sandra. “Though we did find droppings for ages afterwards, even under my bed and in the cupboards above our heads … they got everywhere!”

The Ashleys were glad they used a trap and not poison. “It meant we didn’t get any bad smells from dead rodents,” said Sandra. “Just the creeps from them being into our clothes and stuff!”

• Have you had animal invaders in your rig? Comment below

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Elspeth De
3 years ago

We were invaded by mice one night going across the Nulloabor and we had stopped overlooking the cliffs of the Great Australia Bight. I didn’t sleep a wink – they were in the bed around the bed, all over the floor and everything else!! I went and sat on the lounge as I didn’t want to have mice running over me in bed! It was terrible, I have never seen so many mice. Thank goodness most of them left by daylight!! It took us a week or so to trap a couple that didn’t find their way back out.


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