4WD driver fined after illegally entering national park … and getting stuck!

Published: November 17, 2023

A 4WD driver has been left almost $5,000 out of pocket after illegally entering a flood recovery work zone and becoming stuck in a remote part of a NSW national park.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has issued a fine and formal cautions against the driver, who entered Mooball National Park, south east of Murwillumbah, through closed gates, ignoring the park signage advising that the park was closed.

The driver was charged with offences under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and ordered to pay $4,800 in fines and vehicle recovery costs.

Mooball National Park is currently closed to the public until early next year due to ongoing flood repairs.

A number of significant landslips have impacted Baranbali Road and Wabba Road and heavy plant and machinery are currently operating in and out of the park working through the necessary repairs.

NPWS Principal Project Officer, Silas Sutherland, said the roads in Mooball National Park are closed because there is a legitimate risk to the safety of visitors driving on those roads.

“By ignoring the closures, you not only put yourself at risk but you are exacerbating the damage and making it more difficult for us to repair,” he said. “The driver ignored three separate signs stating, ‘Park Closed’ and ‘Road Closed’, to reach their final destination.”

The vehicle was found abandoned in steep terrain, and a number of NPWS staff, tow trucks and large plant were needed to retrieve it.

The floods of 2022, and subsequent rainfall, has resulted in a number of significant landslips and sections of the road have been undermined.

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Less than $5,000 fine? He should have had his vehicle confiscated as well


$WD people are the most ignorend people around , they don`t give way while driving on the road and do all the illegal things in national parks .

*some* 4WD people are like this. Please don’t generalise as we are NOT all like that. There are plenty of people who don’t own 4WDs are behave like this as well. Again, not everyone is a total tool.

Spot on Lisa.
Plenty of total tools pulling caravans as well,No idea how to overtake ,Speeding ,could go on

Agreed 100%

Totally agree with you Lisa just because we drive a 4wdrive vehicle doesn’t mean we all are idiots. There is a lot of idiots driving cars around but that doesn’t mean everyone is a idiot.

WOW only $4800 for fine and recovery costs, it’s time authorities got serious with these morons….confiscate the vehicle at the very least on top of the $4800. Unfortunately a certain faction of our society just don’t give a dam these days, no respect for anyone or anything , sad indictment of our world today!!

Look at the rooftop tent 4wds with rooftop tents think they can go anywhere and do not give a damn about the damage they do when they pull up. I have been driving offroad for over 30 years I belong to a club , we teach people to respect the country stay on the tracks provided and leave no trace behind you. The Advent of TV Hoon shows makes people think it is ok to got out here and rip up the bush.i have been on some serious tracks gibb,canning,tanami, gunbarrel and they are all being destroyed by weekend cowboys and then we have dirt bikes!*”#@$

Mike, you’re correct on all counts. If only all Aust 4WD enthusiasts had your outlook.
I’m concerned not only about bushland/forests but also for native wildlife.
Its their home and these braindead people are recklessly damaging these areas.
One example is the sand dunes down around Goolwa in the Coorong SA. 4WD and other vehicles are encroaching on areas which are protected.


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