Two caravans crashes … woman badly hurt in one

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Nambour caravan crash
No one was seriously hurt in the caravan crash near Nambour. PIC: Dave Hele / Courier Mail

There have been two nasty caravan crashes in Queensland, one on the Bruce Highway at the Sunshine Coast, and the other west of Bundaberg.

In the second incident west of Bundaberg, a woman in her 60s was trapped inside the wreckage of her car after it, and the caravan it was towing, rolled.

The Queensland Ambulance Service said the woman had significant leg injuries. A man inside the car managed to free himself but it is believed he suffered chest injuries,

The Courier-Mail reports that in a separate incident, a caravan rollover blocked traffic close to a major junction on the Bruce Highway at the Sunshine Coast.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said paramedics were attending the scene just south of the Nambour/Bli Bli exit at Rosemount, but it is not believed that anyone was seriously hurt in this crash.

A police spokesman said the southbound lanes between the Bli Bli on-ramp and Maroochydore Rd off-ramp had become heavily congested.

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5 Responses to Two caravans crashes … woman badly hurt in one

  1. Tell me why a caravan would roll over?, what is the number one reason for it in all cases for it, and nobody learns from all the previous accidents we all here about especially after the reason comes out. I had a rollover in a semi in the army in the Blue Mountains, with an Leopard tank, and no it was not speed, the Instructor with me had one link on the chain lose and it allowed for the tank to shift, and took the trailer with it, onto a mini minor, worse and only truck accident that I only had. But it wasn’t speed but negligence. That is the reason most roll overs happen, – Negligence, being in another world at the time of the incident. For Christ sake people get it together.

    • Not quite
      It’s not always negligence that is in correct. There have been roll overs from a tyre blow out and animal strikes. Don’t think it happens well it does. seen a semi roll over from a bad rough road shoulder.

  2. Well after year on the road. Most time it get down to attitude. Where people just think they are so dam good at driving. I have seen caravan over take a trucks traveling at 100 k/h and lose control and the van swings all over the place. Attitude they must over take another vehicle because they must get to a camp site or the bakery or some time because they are dimwits.

  3. It is unfair, and somewhat naive, to comment on any accident based on a simple news article and single photo. Without background or supporting evidence any comment is speculation at best.

    External factors, i.e. roads, tyre failure, component failure, simply trying to avoid an obstacle, or a myriad of other external factors can contribute to an accident just as much as human error.

    As an example coming down the range at Toowoomba a truck in front of me de-laminated a tyre, with a car in the lane next to me I had nowhere to go so I had to run over it, fortunately the tow vehicle, a high clearance 4WD, escaped damage, the underside of the van – not quite so lucky. We were able to pull over safely and so technically avoided an ‘accident’.

    The point is that this was a situation totally outside of my control, it was pure luck that the tyre went under the car rather than into the front, or worse still, the windscreen.

    Let’s not make hasty ‘judgement calls’ without having all the facts to hand

  4. So sad to see another van on it’s side and two people left with some very bad memories….I believe that most people whom have been driving for a while, have been in a close call whether their fault or not, to be debated I have fitted a dash camera in my patrol to be able to record some of the countryside that we travel but it also made me aware that my manner of driving is being recorded .. In the event of an accident my speed and the behavior of the car will be recorded…. Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

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