‘We offer free bins and bags … so why do this?’

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Rubbish at campsites
Campers left behind their rubbish at a camp site in Western Australia. PIC: Facebook / Lake Navarino Holiday Park.

Sadly, it’s a scene that is becoming all too common at campsites across the country … a pristine spot scarred by selfish campers and the litter they leave behind.

Lake Navarino Holiday Park, almost 120 kilometres south of Perth in Western Australia, has lashed out at the culture of ‘no respect’ after taking photos of rubbish left scattered everywhere.

In the pictures, water bottles, beer boxes and what appears to be a tarp are seen among other pieces of litter scattered on the ground. Yahoo News says the holiday park lies along the Waroona Dam and offers various forms of accommodation – including camping.

Posting on Facebook, the park said it was harder to understand given that it provided bins and rubbish bags for free.

“We had some lovely young campers that have no respect for our beautiful campgrounds leaving their rubbish behind,” the post said. “These people don’t realise that if things are left like this there will be nowhere left to camp as they will be closed down,” the holiday park said.

The post sparked a lot of attention on social media, with many people calling the campers ‘grubs’ and ‘pigs’.

“Very sorry to see this, Lake Navarino is a beautiful place,” one person wrote before suggesting logging the number plates of those who entered the campsite and passing on their information to police if they leave the grounds covered in trash.

Yahoo News reports that the campground does take down the number plates, but because people could camp “anywhere” it was hard to track who was leaving the rubbish.

“Navarino’s bush campground doesn’t have set camping bays, you just pick where you want,” said one visitor on Facebook. “So while there is a record of number plates that have paid for camping, that record doesn’t show which vehicle camped where.”

Another person said: “Bloody disgraceful, why go somewhere to enjoy it’s natural beauty and trash it?”

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9 Responses to ‘We offer free bins and bags … so why do this?’

  1. Unfortunately a few bad ones make it bad for everyone. We’ll end up losing these lovely campsites or alternatively may have to accept CCTV.

  2. I have seen this sort of thing before. The worst people for this rubbish is BRITISH BACKPACKERS. They travel around in vans/cars and just dump their rubbish anywhete the like. Tourism garbage!

    • Laurie, please don’t blame one particular group of travelers. We witnessed a group of folk displaying QLD number plates at a popular tourist destination in Vic.dump their leftover BBQ bits and pieces (INCLUDING PAPER PLATES CUPS DISPOSABLE CUTLERY AND FOOD) on the ground in the Car Park. they weren’t young either. DISGRACEFUL.!!!!

  3. Yes unfortunately this is common place anywhere in oz.
    7/ 10 times it is local residents making a mess. No appreciation at all.

  4. My money’s on the locals.

  5. Bloody pigs. Makes one wonder what their households look like. Honestly, sub human, they must be missing something upstairs

  6. So many times we have arrived at a location and found rubbish and spend a little time picking it up. It is not nice to see BUT it does not take much effort to pick it up.

  7. Whether it’s the locals, backpackers or whoever it will continue to happen.If every caravanner who pulls in to a campsite shows their appreciation to the local council and takes a few minutes to tidy around their van instead of waiting for others to do it decreases the chance of it being closed down.

  8. They would complain if all the free camp sites are all full of rubbish, and no one clean’s them up.

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