Grey nomad-friendly pub named best in Queensland

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The Nindigully Pub offers a warm welcome for grey nomads.
The Nindigully Pub offers a warm welcome for grey nomads. PIC:> Wikipedia

Most grey nomads love to stop in at a country pub for a drink, or sometimes an overnight stay … and there are some absolute crackers out there.

In order to shine a spotlight on some of the best of the best, Southern Queensland Country Tourism has been looking to identify the best Outback pub in the Sunshine State, and their just announced winner should please many grey nomads.

The Nindigilly Pub on the banks of the Moonie River first had a licence issued back in 1864. Today, grey nomads are an integral part of the business, and caravans and campers are welcome to set up in front of the pub and travellers can use the public showers and toilets for free.

The hostelry now has a beer garden that can accommodate 350 people with ease … a far cry from the time when Steve Burns bought the struggling business 17 years ago.

“It had no trade, no major clients … there were about 20 locals who would drop in each night, more than the population of Nindigully at the time … and that was it,” he told the Balonne Beacon newspaper. “We built a home out the back and went from there.”

Mr Burns reckons he paid too much for the pub because he bought it with his heart, but the award of best Outback pub is a validation of all the hard work he has put in.

“It’s great to be recognised,” he said. “You just put yourself out there and keep doing the best you can.”

Steve says that looking after the needs of grey nomads has been one of the keys to his success.

“Embrace tourism with arms and legs,” he said. “And always welcome the nomads.”

However, he said it was also vital to remember your bread and butter.

“It was a group of 20 locals that used to come down most nights when we first started and let me tell you they’re still there when the tourists aren’t,” he said.

And what advice would he have for any other wannabe publicans out there?

“Don’t buy a pub,” he laughed.

  • Where is your favourite Outback pub? Do you have good memories of the Nindigully Pub? Comment below.

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4 Responses to Grey nomad-friendly pub named best in Queensland

  1. Wonderful, definitely on our VISIT list. Congratulations, a great role model.

  2. We will be calling in again and staying a couple days with another Grey Nomad Couple towards the end of July.

  3. Well worth the drive, had a mixed grill took me 35 mins to eat never had meat again for 2 days.
    Camping area is 100% fantastic
    Highly Recommended

  4. We will be staying 2 nights, in a few weeks. Great pub and lovely hospitality. Looking forward to going back.

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