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WA border restrictions continue

‘Border restrictions could stay in place post-Covid’

With the vaccine starting to roll out across the country, there are high hopes that 2021 will see the Covid-19 pandemic controlled …... Read more

Grey nomad in caravan rollover

No serious injuries after caravan rolls on highway

A caravanner has had a lucky escape after a nasty rollover on Queensland’s Bruce Highway this morning. The driver, believed to be a... Read more

Ball Bay camping ground for grey nomads

Council delivers on pledge to slash fees at campsites

As had been widely expected, Mackay Regional Council has voted to slash the cost of camping at two of its campsites. Fees for... Read more

travelling without a computer

Do grey nomads spend far too long on their devices?

The march of communications technology has revolutionised the Big Lap, allowing long-term grey nomads to stay in touch with loved ones, track finances,... Read more

Outback tourism

Outback season is here … and it’s looking amazing!

With summer over and the temperatures about to start dropping, many grey nomads are now starting to plot their routes away from the... Read more

Esperance overflow camping

Overflow camping area in Esperance a huge success

With summer now officially over, many communities across the country are assessing the success – or otherwise – of their strategies for coping... Read more

Surge pricing is on its way to Shellharbour Beachside Holiday Park

‘Here’s why surge pricing is good for grey nomads’

The recent decision to introduce ‘dynamic pricing’ at a popular beachside caravan park in Shellharbour in NSW sparked a bit of a negative... Read more

Poplars caravan park

Caravan park cleans up its act after council steps in

The owner of the New South Wales caravan park which was ordered to clean up its act following a barrage of complaints about... Read more

Body found in burnt-out campervan near Portland.

Man in burnt-out camper died through misadventure

Police believe that the 81-year-old man, whose body was found inside a burnt-out campervan last week, died through ‘misadventure’. A crime scene was... Read more

noosa national park

Noosa national park moves to lock out illegal campers

The Queensland Government is considering locking up a public car park at Noosa National Park overnight in a bid to stop people camping... Read more

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