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Broome swept up in gas controversy

Trouble is well and truly brewing in the iconic grey nomad hotspot of Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. As we have reported... Read more

Will crash help night drivers see the light?

The dangers of travelling Outback roads at night have once again been highlighted by a horror crash in the Northern Territory. A 35-year-old... Read more

Van Park Development Struck with Cabin Fever

There is growing concern in some quarters – not just at the dwindling number of caravan parks in Australia – but at the... Read more

Drug-addled wallabies on your ‘must see’ list?

No matter how long you have been travelling or how many times you have been around the block, it seems there is always... Read more

Countdown to Tally Up

Okay, everybody. Prepare for a night in the van with the laptop out or the pen hand ready. The 2011 Census night is coming... Read more

Motorhomer’s Brush with Death

A British motorhome driver had the scare of his life when his brakes failed at a railway crossing and he crashed into a... Read more

Bungled fee plan a road to nowhere

There is widespread outrage and shock at the decision by a Kimberley cattleman to charge grey nomads and others to access the world... Read more

Are grey nomads taking the plunge?

Could we about to enter a bold new era where the ‘grey’nomad is being forced off the road and re-emerging as ‘blue’ nomad... Read more

Of mice and nomads

There should be a collective sigh of relief going up from grey nomads – and from all who live or travel in the... Read more

Body of missing nomad discovered

The body of a grey nomad who went missing more than a week ago has been discovered in Central Australia. The remains of... Read more

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