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Royal High Fliers Give RFDS a lift

I know not every grey nomad will be glued to their television sets today as dashing Prince William ties the knot with his... Read more

Fuel for Thought

We have seen some horrific bushfires in recent years and all the indications are that – despite so much rainfall this summer –... Read more

What Should we do?

A spate of dingo incidents on Fraser Island has once again put the way the animals are managed in the spotlight. In the... Read more

Happy Easter

A very happy Easter to one and all. For those of you travelling over the holiday period, please take your time and stay... Read more

Hairy Potholes

It’s been a bone-rattling but exciting experience for years, but has the Stuart Highway now crossed the line to become just downright dangerous?... Read more

Are you ready for holiday ‘chaos’?

The school holidays are in full swing and one of the biggest camping weekends of the year is looming … so have you... Read more

Hi-Tech Health

Millions of Australians are heading towards retirement and a life as “grey nomads” without adequate electronic health applications to support them, according to... Read more

Action on van park sale

With more and more caravan parks being sold off so the land can be redeveloped, governments and local authorities are finally beginning to... Read more

Wet All Round

With so much ridiculously unpredictable weather about it is getting increasingly difficult for grey nomads to effectively plan their Big Lap calendars with... Read more

Access for All?

Councils across inland Queensland are banding together to lobby for improved access to digital television services in remote communities. The switch to digital... Read more

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