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snakes surprise grey nomads

‘We were oh so relaxed … then the snake dropped in!’

As the weather starts to cool in most parts of the country, many grey nomads will be looking at the silver lining …... Read more

Outback roads flooded

Massive rain dumps cause serious issues in Outback

A different weather system to the one currently inundating much of the east coast is causing serious problems in the Outback. Huge rainfalls... Read more

Camping popularity

Campsites ‘full to bursting’ as holidays at home surge

A lot has changed for grey nomads in the 12 months since the pandemic turned the Big Lap on its head. They’ve been... Read more

caravan crash truckie

Truckie hasn’t driven since caravan crash, court told

A truck driver who crashed into a caravan which had pulled over on the side of the Bruce Highway has faced court. Daniel... Read more

Grey nomad minimalists

Grey nomad minimalists discover less can be more

Ask an experienced grey nomad what single piece of advice they would give to someone just setting out, and the most likely answer... Read more

grey nomads flooding

Heavy rain clouds can have a silver tourism lining

While the heavy rains have been causing chaos in many parts of the country, there are some who see a silver lining in... Read more

weather is wet

Massive deluge in NSW a taste of what’s to come

The wild weather soaking much of New South Wales at the moment is just a taste of what is to come for grey... Read more

Caravan parks flood

Van parks evacuated as wild weather lashes NSW

Grey nomads travelling in many parts of New South Wales have been absolutely battered with a  ‘potentially life-threatening’ deluge which has pushed a... Read more

Lancelin Caravan park erosion

Beach erosion an ongoing threat to caravan park

Continuing coastal erosion has been an ongoing threat to some of Australia’s iconic beachfront caravan parks, most famously the one at Kingscliff in... Read more

caravan thefts shock grey nomads

‘Be careful’, grey nomads warned as RV thefts surge

Grey nomads are being warned to be particularly security conscious following a surge in the number of caravan thefts. Without the option of... Read more

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