Council-run holiday parks in Noosa region reap record revenue

Published: August 11, 2023

The caravanning and camping boom is continuing apace, and its benefits are being felt in many communities.

A case in point is Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where the network of council-run holiday parks has experienced a record year financially.

A recent report has revealed that revenue from the Noosa Holiday Parks in the 2022/23 financial year was up a whopping 12.7% on the previous year.

The parks earned $4.2 million in revenue in the financial year, with visitation levels up 22% on the year before.

The report, mentioned at the Noosa Council Services and Organisation Committee Meeting, said it was ‘the highest recorded annual visitation at Noosa Holiday Parks’.

According to the council report, an operational surplus of $1.237 million was achieved in financial year 2022/23, exceeding budget expectations by $472,000.

Council says the surplus from the holiday parks business is used to offset general rate increases otherwise required to fund non-revenue-generating council activities and programs.

The Sunshine Coast News reports that Noosa Holiday Parks comprises the council-operated Noosa River Holiday Park, Noosa North Shore Campground, and Boreen Point Campground.

The Noosa Holiday Parks accommodated 61,219 visitors during financial year 2022/23, representing an overall economic contribution of $25 million (GDP).

Boreen Point Campground’s revenue increased 23.3%, while Noosa North Shore Campground saw a 23.5% increase, and Noosa River went up 5.1%.

The Sunshine Coast News reports that the council sees the strong bookings and revenue continuing into the future, with current forward bookings for financial year 2023/24 already totalling $2.52 million.

“Financial performance trends and market demand indicates that the Noosa Holiday Parks is well positioned for robust financial sustainability, visitation and positive economic impact into the future,” the council report said.

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Due to advanced age we’ve recently given up caravanning in and around the Sunshine Coast after 20 years. And we love this area so much we’ve relocated here! So you vanners & campers:
Keep coming as long as you can! Come and explore the Hinterland with all it’s wonderful wineries, restaurants an camping grounds.
Come and stroll on our pristine sandy beaches and swim in the warm sea. Temperature today in the Wintet 29C

We moved to Rainbow Beach 23 years ago, back then it was peaceful, walking the beach was relaxing etc…now the beach is a busy road, the flagged swimming area is reasonably safe to walk within, obviously it time to move again further north.

By the way! Should’ve said!!
DON’T park/camp illegally! We don’t like it!
There are heaps real good camp spots/parks etc. Do the right thing and we welcome you!

Pity the Noosa Council is not reinvesting in the caravan parks and upgrading facilities and conditions of the parks instead of the money going into general revenue. From the councils financial report they only spent $146,000 on caravan park improvements for the financial year. Surely Noosa Council , you could do better.
Rob Webb

According to a local tour operator over 1 million visitors to Fraser Island each year, most via Rainbow Beach. It’s obvious the island is a cash cow under the guise of a National Park, as a consequence Rainbow Beach is now a departure/arrivals area, combined with the Inskipt Pt contaminated site and real estate further north of Rainbow Beach has appeal.


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