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Selling up

Financing the ‘Big One’ can be a real conundrum for many would-be grey nomads planning to turn their travelling dream into a reality.... Read more

Grey nomads on a budget

Grey nomadding on a shoestring … here’s how to do it

You don’t need a fortune to live the good life in the road as budget-conscious grey nomad, Phil Crockart, explains “When we first... Read more

First-aid kits

Health matters

Many nomads find that once they set off on their Big Lap, all the stress of their previous life melts away, they have... Read more

Ensure you insure

Now that your rig is effectively your home, making sure it is properly insured is of absolutely crucial importance. However much you invested... Read more

Bills, post and banking

Becoming a grey nomad is very liberating. Many of those dreary everyday tasks such as mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, vacuuming the... Read more

Follow the sun

Follow the sun

Good weather is an important part of any camping experience – whether the trip lasts for six months or six years. Luckily, Australia’s... Read more

Downsizing grey nomads

Should you downsize to help afford your travels?

Downsizing is a popular option for grey nomads seeking for an affordable base from which to launch their extended travels … and their... Read more

Grey nomads spending the kids' inheritance

Should we feel guilty?

It’sa bit of a cliche now but spending the kids’ inheritance is exactly what many grey nomads are doing … and most are... Read more

Grey nomads fight caravan towing road sway

Keeping the van on the straight when it’s narrow

Being able to travel Australia and experience the freedom of the open road with a caravan in tow is a dream come true... Read more

Grey nomads can store their belongings while they travel

Self storage

Sooner or later, most grey nomads find they need to find a secure and affordable place to store their belongings or their vehicle.... Read more

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