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Going off-road

One of the most frequent questions asked by wannabe grey nomads is “Can I do the whole trip on the bitumen?” Of course,... Read more

Food safety tips

While snake bites, crocodile attacks, bushfires, flash floods, road trains, and wandering camels may all present headline-worthy threats to our health and wellbeing,... Read more

Your new relaxed lifestyle

This is the trip you’ve always dreamed of, isn’t it? You reckon it’s time for you to relax and reap the rewards of... Read more

Healthy eating

The benefits of a healthy diet are well documented and its importance certainly doesn’t diminish with advancing years. Happily, eating healthily on your... Read more

Clashing with camels

Thousands of camels in Central Australia have been killed by Government contractors shooting them from helicopters. The cull comes as concern grows over... Read more

Keeeping insects away when you are camping

It’s a bug’s life

You pour yourself a glass of Champagne, settle into your campchair, begin gazing out at the wondrous sunset … and then it begins.... Read more

Road train on the road

Living with road trains

Coming across your first road train snaking its way along a narrow Outback road is an experience most grey nomads will never forget.... Read more

Travelling with a disability

Travelling with a disability

Grey nomads are, by their very nature, up for adventure and up for a challenge. In many cases, the dream of hitting the... Read more

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