Slim Dusty or true crime podcasts? What do you listen to on the open road?

For commercial travellers, long-distance truckies, and grey nomads alike, one of the most crucial ingredients in making (or breaking) a road trip is the soundtrack.

Long, open stretches of road and wide Australian vistas seem to beg for a favourite tune turned up to max.

When it comes to the perfect musical accompaniment to that desert sunset, winding mountain ascent, or coastline highway, tastes vary wildly.

Whether your audio is coming from a tinny old 60 series LandCruiser’s speaker as it competes with the rattling impact of corrugation, or booming surround sound from a new D-Max, there’s no denying its importance to the experience.

music for grey nomads

There are a variety of tried and tested classic road trip songs from ‘On the Road Again’, to ‘Born To Run’, and Aussie artists from AC/DC to John Williamson, and Midnight Oil to Slim Dusty, who have proven on-the-road compatibility.

Where to next from these classics though? Is it better to go for guitar-driven, foot-tapping sing-alongs, or some contemplative storytelling to take your mind off the ‘monotony’ of driving through the endless Outback?

While some prefer the storytelling and observations on Australian life from likes of Paul Kelly and others the big rock tunes of band like Queen, any group or song can become a personal road trip classic.

Every traveller or group of travellers has a song or CD they all know and love for its connection to memories on the road, and excitement it generates when it is played.

With the growing popularity of Spotify and new ways of listening to music, new options are opening up all the time.

Music streaming from the phone could mean the CD collection doesn’t need to come in the car any more. Music for that long drive could be put into a single, updatable playlist.

Easier access to podcasts and audiobooks could mean the end of trying to tune in to local radio stations as the rig moves through various broadcast zones. Podcasts in particular have exploded in popularity in Australia in recent years, with ‘true crime’ remaining one of the most downloaded genres.

If the idea of listening to the details of grisly murders while driving through remote country doesn’t appeal, there are a variety of other podcasts focusing on comedy, history, current events or poetry. Podcasts can provide stimulation and education for ‘samey’ sections of a long haul, and even entertainment while relaxing in the campchair on a lazy afternoon.

With all of these new types of entertainment, and new ways of enjoying your favourite songs, the soundtrack to the Big Lap could be better than ever.

  • What is your favourite thing to listen to on the road?  Email us here to share your thoughts.

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