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Taking the dog

It can be a terrible dilemma. The kids are all fully independent, you feel financially secure, the van’s parked in the back yard,... Read more

Grey nomads travelling with friends

Should you travel with friends?

For a variety of reasons, many grey nomads choose to travel in convoy with friends. There is always help and support at hand... Read more

What grey nomads should pack for the Big Lap

What should I pack?

What you take with you on your Big Lap adventure will depend on your rig, how long you are going for, and the... Read more

First-aid kit for grey nomads

First Aid Kits

This is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment that grey nomads will take with them on the road. Not to put too... Read more

Grey nomads and pets

‘We’re off … and no pet gets left behind’

Grey nomads who travel with their dogs aren’t allowed in national parks, can’t stay in some caravan parks, and must be constantly mindful... Read more

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