Emergency services rush to caravan rollover scene

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Caravan rollover in north Queensland
Emergency services treated a family of five after they were involved in a caravan rollover.

Emergency services have rushed to the scene of a caravan rollover in Far North Queensland.

Initial reports indicate that a family of five were involved in this morning’s crash on the Mulligan Highway at Mount Carbine.

A Queensland Ambulance Services spokeswoman said the people in the vehicle, two adults and three children, were able to remove themselves from the rolled vehicle.

“The patients are being assessed and are currently in a stable condition,” the QAS spokeswoman said.

The Cairns Post newspaper reports that the rollover is not currently affecting traffic on the highway.

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3 Responses to Emergency services rush to caravan rollover scene

  1. hope all are o’k.

  2. Hope all ok & can get back on the road to finish the adventure

  3. wishing you all a speedy recovery

    Surely it is now time that everyone who wants to tow anything should have to pass a test and have their license so endorsed as there are far too many rollovers of trailers and vans sometimes no fault of the driver but they do not know how to react to the suitation

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