‘Being in a caravan will not protect you from Seroja!’

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cyclone seroja
Here comes trouble ... Seroja and the tropical low approach the coast. PIC: NASA Earthview / SMH

Grey nomads and other travellers in Western Australia’s north-west are being urged to think carefully about their plans over the next few days as a cyclone and a tropical low head for the coast.

The two weather systems could collide in a phenomenon known as the Fujiwhara effect, which could create serious issues.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has warned of prolonged, unpredictable and potentially dangerous weather. The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that travellers have been told they must stay alert and be prepared to change their plans sooner rather than later.

Cyclone Seroja is expected to intensify and move parallel to the coast until Sunday, making landfall later Sunday or Monday ‘between Perth and Coral Bay’ and impacting sections of the Pilbara and Midwest-Gascoyne over the coming week.

This large potential footprint means more people need to be alert and might need to travel long distances to get out of its path.

“We know there are many holidaymakers in the area and others making their way there, many of whom will not have experienced a cyclone before,” Acting Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Craig Waters told the SMH. “Cyclones can be incredibly dangerous, bringing heavy rain, flooding, gales and swells.

He said recent rainfall and flooding had already battered the northern half of WA during the current cyclone season.

“If you’re in a tent or caravan, you are simply not protected against the damaging winds that may hit the region,” Commissioner Waters told the SMH. “Some roads in the area are still undergoing maintenance to repair damage from recent flooding events and Tropical Cyclone Seroja has the potential to cause further damage making roads unpassable for days, if not longer.”

He warned that it was absolutely imperative that people have a plan and they are prepared to leave if the situation gets worse.

“You need to check Emergency WA at least daily, check the weather and cyclone forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology, listen to the local radio and news bulletins and be ready to change your plans,” he said. “And it is important to know and understand the cyclone warning system because if it reaches a Yellow Alert, caravan parks and similar accommodation providers will ask you to relocate to a safer place.”

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4 Responses to ‘Being in a caravan will not protect you from Seroja!’

  1. Just to keep updated please

  2. We are in Northampton at the moment and have not been advised to leave, however, we have received information from another traveller in Horricks that they are to leave tomorrow. Not sure at this time if we will be impacted, any advise?

    • Sue, watch GWN Channel Seven weather at 5-55pm. They give a detailed WA rural weather update, and go onto the BOM site for detailed reports. The cyclone is expected to cross the coast between Carnarvon and Jurien sometime Sunday so I’d either head right up North or way down south. Expected rainfall here in Busselton is between 10 and 30 mls according to BOM.

  3. The best advice is to move out of possible impacted area sooner rather than later. Having experienced a cyclone ourselves in a caravan we can tell you that it is a terrifying situation. So please, heed the warnings and move to a safer area.

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