Upgraded Outback Way to attract more grey nomads

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Outback Way upgrade a boost for grey nomads
Australia's 'longest shortcut' is being upgraded. PIC: North West Star

Work has begun on the next stage of the upgrade of the Outback Way. The ongoing improvements could encourage many more grey nomads to venture along the 2800-kilometre route connecting Laverton in Western Australia with Winton in Queensland.

After sealing 18 kilometres between Boulia and Tobermorey, crews have now started on paving and sealing an additional 25 kilometres between the two communities. They will also be widening 17 kilometres of road between Winton and Boulia.

Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said progress was being made to deliver five upgrade packages, worth about $26 million in total, over a three-year period.

“To date, the Australian Government has committed $330 million over 10 years to improve key sections of the Outback Way,” Mr McCormack said. “The Outback Way is well placed to support the agriculture and mining industries and has the potential to enhance new tourism opportunities throughout inland Australia.”

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the road upgrade would support communities and drive even more tourism through ‘Australia’s Longest Shortcut’.

“Sealing roads better connects our communities, supports the economy and creates much-needed jobs,” Mr Bailey said. “Once all five stages are complete, more than 90% of Outback Way in Queensland will be sealed.”

The final two upgrades are now in the planning phase and are expected to begin early next year.

The Australian Government is contributing more than $21 million to the five upgrade packages, with the Queensland Government committing about $1.9 million and Boulia Shire Council about $3.4 million.

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8 Responses to Upgraded Outback Way to attract more grey nomads

  1. I must agree that it will be great to have more of this road sealed. It is certainly a good ‘short cut’. However, having travelled it when it was very rough, it is quite an adventure.

  2. We recently completed the section of the Outback Way from the Olga’s to Laverton. And by late September we’ll have completed the NT / QLD sections. So we’ll be able to tick that box.

  3. Yes. Not only for the ease of tourists but the locals that have to trave these roads

  4. Where would one get regular updated reports re the sealing and current conditions for this road. I for one can’t wait to see it sealed, beautiful country opened up for tourists, job opportunities, safer traveling for the locals.

  5. Been there done that. Now days I stick to the sealed roads. If the road was sealed all the way it would be a fantastic short cut. I congratulate the Fedral Government who appear to be investing more on infastructure, but we need to be investing far more on roads and water infastructure.

  6. Might need a couple of roadhouses along the track when it’s done.

    • Plenty of road houses, Just need to ensure you are aware of opening hours and that there are no funerals if travelling through the lands.

  7. Wish they would seal more of the WA side. At least fix one bad section by re-sheeting a bad corrugation section west of the Tjukayirla roadhouse. However it may now been done since we were last there December 2016.

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