Grey nomad snow chasers happy to give heat a miss

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Snow in Stanthorpe, Queensland

It may seem counter-intuitive to the vast majority of heat-seeking grey nomads but, with much of Australia shivering through a serious cold snap, the ‘snow chasers’ are on the move.

While some may see plunging winter temperatures as an exceptionally good reason to head even further north, others see it as an opportunity.

Recently, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service even went so far as to warn excited travellers to think carefully before they decided to go in search of the cold stuff.

National Parks’ Lawrence Orel told the ABC that drivers should consider whether they need to be on the roads at all and take extreme care if they do venture out, with roads likely covered in snow or ice.

“Be extra careful,” he said. “Obviously we understand people may want to visit and see the snow but we do remind people that the conditions are extreme.”

He said they needed to be especially aware of the condition of their vehicle, and to be experienced and prepared for driving in snow and icy conditions.

However, it’s not just the southern states where snow fever can take grip.  While at first glance, the Snowflakes in Stanthorpe winter festival to be held on July 5-7 may appear to be a highly optimistic name for an event in Queensland’s Southern Downs, Mother Nature may yet come to the party.

Earlier this month, snow did actually fall just south of Stanthorpe at Eukey. And it wasn’t the first time, either!

The organiser of Snowflakes in Stanthorpe, Robyn Henderson, said the extreme rarity of snow in Queensland was what made it so exciting.

“A freezing cold, snowy day gives us so much promotion from out of our region, for people to come from far and wide to experience it,” she said. “Just the sniff of it brings that great bit of excitement — the snow chase — we’ve had so many people on the snow chase.”

Marion Carrick who offers tourist accommodation on her Stanthorpe property told the ABC that snow brought with it a special magic … and a rush of curious visitors.

“There’s just something about snow that excites the kid in everyone and it’s just that sense of wonder,” she said. “When we had the heavy snowfall in 2015 it was a winter wonderland and every one of our guests built snowmen back then so we love it … it’s just beautiful.”

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  1. No thanks. I’m a Grey Nomad because I want an endless summer.

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