Motorhoming grey nomads to be hit hard by new tax

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Motorhome tax
Queensland motorhomes and campervans worth more than $100,000, and weighing less than 4.5 tonnes, will be subject to a new 2% tax

The Queensland Government is coming under fire for introducing what is being called a ‘greedy’ tax that will hit many of the state’s wannabe grey nomads hard.

A new 2% tax on luxury cars will apply to vehicles worth more than $100,000, and weighing less than 4.5 tonnes … and that means many new motorhomes and campervans. Caravans and trailers will be exempt.

Motorhome manufacturers believe the new tax will deter a major portion of its business, as retirees looking to buy may no longer be able to get into the market.

Pensioner Alan Dawes, who bought his motorhome nearly five years ago with the dream of driving around Australia, said he would not be able to afford to make a similar purchase today.

“If I was buying this vehicle now, it would affect me by about $9,000,” he told 9 News. “Which makes it out of the reach for a lot of people.”

Queensland opposition leader Deb Frecklington said the new tax could was a real road block for wannabe grey nomads.

“They’ve paid their taxes and now, when they’re in the prime of their life when they want to get out and enjoy this beautiful state, they’re going to be slugged even more,”’ she said.

Members of the Queensland caravanning community are also alarmed at the potential implications for regional Australia if motorhome sales are hit.

“If people can’t buy them and keep going around Queensland, then we’re in strife,” said, CEO of Caravanning Queensland, Ron Chapman.

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10 Responses to Motorhoming grey nomads to be hit hard by new tax

  1. Must be some a dream machine that pensioner Alan Dawes has ie: under 4.5 tonnes & $450,000 dollars worth (450,000 x2%= $9000). 🙂
    If an extra $3 – 4,000 on top of a $150,000 – $200,000 purchase is going to stop people buying then perhaps they have been done a favour by this tax.
    As it will only apply to new vehicles it also make the 2nd hand market more attractive.

    • Purchase and register your under 4.5 tonne motorhome in a state that does not impose a luxury tax and offers cheaper registration fees.

    • DAVID How would u feel if you ordered a new car in January and the government decided to put more tax on it 3 weeks before delivery. I have worked all my life to buy this motorhome. And you think 4000.00 is not much to worry about. Well think again

  2. the way these lefties operate is it will be 2% today 10% later on.
    In their minds, if your retired and can afford a 100,000 dollar motor home you have too much money and an easy target.

  3. Is that correct it is only for vehicles under 4.5 tonnes GVM. That means it affects entry level motorhomes but not the monsters exceeding 4.5t. Oh well never get between the socialists and your money , they think it is theirs.

  4. Im about to fly from Pth /Bris this weekend to purchasr a Winnebago second hand , could someone please tell me if I have to pay this new GREEDY TAX , I might be able to save an airfare. Thanks for anyone who can help me

    Current Affair ? Fair Trading?

  6. Its like buying a new car. If you cant afford a Merc you buy a Toyota. Live within your means.

    • just means my self funded retirement money runs out quicker so I get the pension sooner. where every one pays.

  7. In W.A. Is a caravan, motor home or camper van considered a 2nd home.?

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