The mouse-sized town that roared

Published: May 18, 2011

As the competition for the grey nomad dollar gets fiercer and fiercer by the day, the list of ‘attractions’ designed to lure the excitement-hungry traveller grows longer and longer … and occasionally more bizarre.

As well as the ridiculous number of big things sprouting up in all sorts of unlikely locations – the Big Meat Ant at Augathella being the latest – we also have towns merrily proclaiming themselves the capital of this or the king of that. We have Celtic country capitals, fossicking capitals, and even Outback capitals. Now, the small Queensland town of Winton has begun promoting itself as Australia’s ‘dinosaur capital’.

But does it all make a difference? Well obviously somebody thinks it does.

Labels notwithstanding, Winton, north-west of Longreach, does have a lot to recommend it, and the dinosaur trail is one which simply has to pass through.

Several large dinosaurs have been discovered near the town, dating back 98 million years … and the Lark Quarry is currently the only recorded site of a dinosaur stampede in the world.

Winton shire tourism manager Craig Templeman says logos are still being finalised but the aim is to promote the destination for tourists keen on the dinosaur theme.

“Our new branding for the region will be ‘Winton – the Dinosaur Capital of Australia’, which we are hoping will attract more visitors … the six biggest dinosaur skeletons in the world have been found here,” he said. “The Lark Quarry footprints or trackways are the only location in the world where you can see a stampeding footprint of a big carnivore sauropod.”


Now, we all know that children love just about anything to do with dinosaurs, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there are a fair few grey nomads which are just as exicted about seeing these giants’ footprints.

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