Big Lap dreams dashed as brand new caravan stolen

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Caravan stolen
The 2019 New Age Wallaby off-road van was stolen from outside a house in Malmsbury.

Would-be long-term travellers have had their dreams of a maiden Big Lap thrown into chaos after their brand new caravan was stolen from outside their home in Central Victoria.

Police say a 2019 New Age Wallaby off-road van worth $77,000 was taken from Sullivan Street, in Malmsbury on Saturday night. The $68,000 2010 Toyota LandCruiser ute it was attached to, as well as $14,500 worth of equipment was also taken.

Leading Senior Constable David Young told the Bendigo Advertiser that the caravan was only two-weeks-old and its owners had taken it on one short trip, and were excitedly planning a much longer adventure in just three weeks.

The ute has a distinctive three inch exhaust, as well as a large steel canopy made by Flood Engineering in Bendigo, he said.

Anyone with information has been urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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7 Responses to Big Lap dreams dashed as brand new caravan stolen

  1. Its becoming a sad fact that we now all have to fork out a small fortune on security devices such as coupling locks, wheel clamps, and GPS Trackers.

  2. This might sound a bit harsh but are some people not doing enough to safeguard the most valuable possessions that can be stolen from under their own eyes.

    If you can’t garage them, cheap sensor lights and sensor alarms and one steering lock is a very cheap option in my view.

    Others may differ.

    • Leith, I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately thieves are opportunists and you must take away or at the least reduce the opportunity. Thieves will not linger for long, so if a little hard to steal, they move on to an easier target. At the same time, I feel fo the people who have anything stolen.

  3. All that money spent and no alarms or engine cut off type security or GPS tracking… and the security list goes on…I’m so sad for your loss…must be devastating…

  4. Wow…how much will cost him to put 4 clamps 2 on caravan 2 on land cruiser $100.00 $ 200.00 or more

  5. The good old fashioned steering wheel lock that hooks onto the steering wheel and brake pedal.
    Car thieves who see these move on…!

  6. You’re between a rock & a hard place. It’s a shame the minority stuffs it for everyone. I understand the security angle but I also believe we can’t abandon trust or we start looking daggers at each other. Unfortunately the security angle reigns in this case.

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