There’s nowhere to hide! The holiday season is here!

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Space is at a premium in van parks

It’s here! Love it or loathe it, the holiday season is upon us and it’s time to share all your favourite caravan parks and camping areas with the rest of the population not lucky enough to have the freedom and the flexibility that the grey nomad lifestyle affords.

Wherever you go, you are likely to share space with working families and overseas travellers in far greater numbers than usual.

In Queensland, Cooloola and Fraser Island camp grounds are reporting close-to-capacity numbers for the December to January period, with more than 20,000 eager campers securing their piece of turf.

National Parks Minister Steve Dickson said the State Government’s plan to increase tourism had created new opportunities, with camp sites more readily available to families than before.

“Queensland has a variety of national parks and state forests and we are continuing to improve accessibility so that more people can enjoy our parks over summer,” Mr Dickson said.

Last summer, more than 113,000 campers stayed in national parks between December and February – up about 17,000 on the previous year, Mr Dickson said. Of these, almost half chose to holiday in the Cooloola and Fraser Island regions.

“Campers stayed more than 345,000 nights, with Fraser Island, Inskip and Cooloola the most popular destinations, hosting 47% of campers,” Mr Dickson said. “This year already, more than 22,000 people have booked their summer campsites, with the national park campgrounds at Bribie, Moreton and Fraser islands and Cooloola already close to fully booked.”

  • Where are you camping this holiday period? Is tere anywhere that’s ‘quiet’? Do you go out of your way to ‘hide’ from the holiday hordes, or do you embrace the opportunity to see others enjoy the wonderful world of camping? Comment below.

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7 Responses to There’s nowhere to hide! The holiday season is here!

  1. Currently in WA and trying to stick inland away from coasts and holiday ripoffs. Van parks increasing daily rates by double andyet there costs don’t go up. Why? Why?.They then expect you to support them in the quieter months. Joke. I am now giving them a miss permanently and supporting the smaller towns. Merry Xmas

  2. Hiding at home .

  3. We don’t travel anywhere during holiday time,too crowded,too expensive. We have the rest of the year to go where ever we like. No problem.

    • Totally agree. Spent from 13th to 16th December in a coastal park. Had to leave then because the rates doubled! Now waiting until February 🙂

  4. I/we stay home at xmas from December until end of February
    had to holiday a bit when the boys were young
    but then u could find a camp in bush close to water at times

  5. The bride and I are contract hospitality managers, and we make sure we have a management gig all the holidays. When the maddening crowds go back to their place of abode, that’s when again hit the frog and toad.

  6. I totally agree with Kerry a group of ours went to a place in Victoria only to be told that the price has doubled , needless to say we went elsewhere and they whinge about the free camping keep your prices down and the grey nomads will come

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