Coorong council courts grey nomads with new site

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Lake Indawarra has been identified as the site for a free 48-hour stop. PIC: Murray Valley Standard

As regional towns across Australia recognise the value grey nomads can bring to an area, an increasing number of local councils are on the lookout for ways to bring nomads to town. Tintinara in South Australia has become the latest spot to offer a free place to stay so travellers can enjoy the area and potentially spend a dollar or two during their visit.

The Murray Valley Standard reports that travellers will be able to stop in for 48-hour parking at Lake Indawarra, where the campground hosts several walking trails and a disc golf park or take in the sights of the bushland and conservation parks.

There is no charge to travellers to park at the lake, which has toilets, covered seating and bins which are accessible. A dump point is available for use along the Dukes Highway, as well as potable water.

Recognising the increasing demand for sites that can accommodate caravans and motorhomes, the Coorong council established the facility near the Heart of the Parks visitor centre, on the highway which links Melbourne and Adelaide.

  • Have you been to Tintinara? Will this initiative convince you to put the town on your itinerary?

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3 Responses to Coorong council courts grey nomads with new site

  1. Heading to SA on 28 June, every chance we may stop over.

  2. My wife and I plan to be travelling in that area this summer. Based on the Google map photos and positive reviews plus the local councils positive attitude to grey nomads I plan to stop at the lake and spend a few dollars in the local community. Thanks for the story on the grey nomads web site for the tip.

  3. Bugger! We were there in April and didn’t know about it.
    Will use it next time for sure.

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