As travellers return to the road, so does a sad sight

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caravan rollover
The caravan was destroyed after it jack-knifed and rolled on the Bruce Highway. PIC:  Clayton's Towing

Sadly, as travel restrictions continue to ease and more Australians get back on the open road, we are also likely to see the return of a less welcome ‘fixture’ … the caravan rollover.

Yesterday, the southbound lanes of the Bruce Highway were blocked after a caravan and 4WD jack-knifed and rolled.

The van was completely destroyed in the incident which happened on the Sunshine Coast near Forest Glen and Nambour, just past the Kiels Mountain Road overpass.

A Queensland Police spokesman said there were no reports of anyone trapped in the vehicle, or any major injuries as a result of the crash.

A Queensland Ambulance Services spokeswoman said a man and woman, aged in their 50s, were taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

The pair were both in stable conditions with back pain.

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9 Responses to As travellers return to the road, so does a sad sight

  1. That stretch of road claims too many vans, a lot of rolling hills & off camber bends in a 110 zone, can feel van being pushed by trucks on the downhill and it’s scary when you are in a bendy bit

    • Should never allow yourself to be bullied by other traffic, drive at a speed you are comfortable with according to road conditions

      • Correct. Too many people are bullied or want to get somewhere to quickly.

      • Agree 100% Bob . . . and just because a certain speed limit is posted doesn’t mean that you should go that fast – especially if the road conditions are poot!

    • We have driven this road many times and there are areas that experience strong crosswinds. Even when you are not towing you can feel the wind buffeting the car.

  2. A national speed limit of 80 kph
    What on earth can it hurt.
    With trucks supposedly speed limited to 100 ,why are they overtaking everyone ? Or sitting on our tails .
    Everyone is driving like an idiot….

    • Yep.
      Far too many drive like a goose. Madly over take to achieve nothing
      Slow down while towing far less chance of crash and use a lot less fuel

  3. Here is a thought….. slow the hell down. It is about the journey, not the bloody destination. No one ever said that you must drive at the speed limit and no road rule states this also.

  4. I have been driving interstate for many years and regardless of who it is if you tailgate me i just slow down more and keep you there until its ok to pass .I can see you on th rear camera so just keep it up .Slow Downand dont tailgate

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