Calls grow for compulsory caravan towing courses

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Caravan towing courses for grey nomads?
Would compulsory towing courses mean less incidents like this? PIC: Eliza Wheeler/Fraser Coast Chronicle

It’s a debate that is seemingly not going to go away, and a growing number of those involved in the trucking industry are joining the call for caravan users to be compelled to complete a driving course before hitting the highways.

The latest is John Creenaune, a transport manager from Deniliquin in New South Wales, who told Big Rigs magazine that it was now time the Federal Government acted on the issue.

The former SES volunteer made his plea after a recent near miss on the Riddoch Highway near Penola in South Australia. He said the incident happened when the driver of a car towing a caravan attempted to do a U-turn in front of an unloaded B-Double. Luckily, the quick-thinking grain truck driver somehow managed to brake in time and ‘jack-knifed’ out of harm’s way.

“It was a lucky escape, it was a 68.5 tonne missile with nowhere to go,” said Mr Creenaune. “That could have been horrific!”

He told Big Rigs that he had seen too many accidents of this type in his 30 years within the transport industry and it was time something was done. Mr Creenaune said he was dumbfounded that grey nomads were still able to buy a caravan, hook it up and head off with no experience at all.

“Many cannot even back these things and have no idea what their capable of doing even going forward,” he said. “I urge all motoring and caravan groups of Australia, as well as the federal government and law enforcement agencies to bring in a law that when purchasing a caravan, they must apply to a driver course to learn about the dangers of caravanning.”

Mr Creenaune said he was certain that 50% or more of truck drivers would have seen, or been involved with, caravanners doing something out of the ordinary at some point.

However, Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO Stuart Lamont told Big Rigs there was no evidence linking driver licencing against driver ability – caravan or otherwise.

“We always encourage education and training, and would be interested in looking at educational methods by which caravan users and truck users can co-exist on the road, and be better informed of possible dangers on the road,” Mr Lamont said. “We can all work better together to inform road users on better behaviour, truck drivers included … quite simply one caravan accident is one accident too many, but licencing is not the answer.”

Mr Lamont said there were more and more driving training centres available for consumers to undertake towing training.

  • Should caravanners be compelled to take a towing course before hitting the open road? Comment below
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94 Responses to Calls grow for compulsory caravan towing courses

  1. That goes for towing boats.. car floats etc etc…good luck

    • Should depend on what class of licence you have. I hold a licence to drive any heavy combination so i’ve done the coarse. I f you only hold a car licence you should have to do a coarse. Why dump all caravaners into same class. Some of us have driven ‘big-rigs’, and dont need to do a towing coarse.

      • Depends how gritty you are. I’m fine, but don’t need a coarse, but plenty of coarses aren’t fine.
        Certainly it makes sense to do a course though.

    • I have been towing trailers very large caravan
      The progressing to series then tripple road trains yes learning is a big factor when too vehicles become one I beleive a special licence should be nessuary for vans it’s compulsory in truck’s
      What do you think could happen if truck and road train drivers dident have compulsory training
      Same as caravaners should apply to a car licence
      After all a little learning may save a life if not your own ??

    • Was the b-double empty or a 68.5 tonne missile.
      I agree about safe and defensive towing and driver training, but please, let’s keep to the facts

    • Yes! Over 55yo nomads… Train!!

  2. It is not always the caravan drivers fault. Two days ago in Tassie heading towards Hobart a truck overtook us but didn’t allow enough room when cutting back into our lane and cut us off. Luckily Joe was quick applied the brakes and manually applied the caravan brakes. A close shave. There was virtually no shoulder so that wasn’t an option. We called the truck driver on the CB and his comment was this is the first time I have driven this truck and haven’t worked out the mirrors yet. He didn’t even apologise.

    • we had a similar experience in Tasmania when a truck overtook us on double white lines and a blind corner coming up! He then cut us off trying to get back into the left lane! We had only been on the island for 20 minutes, straight off the ferry, it was not a very nice welcome!

      • Yes, the timber trucks around Devonport and Burnie are a bit aggressive aren’t they? They scared me a bit. As soon as I saw one in the rear view mirror I would start looking for a spot to pull over before he could catch up and start hassling me.

    • If you have the caravan brakes set up correctly you should be concentrating on braking hard and steering not reaching for caravan brakes

    • You’re supposed to show down and let the passing vehicle in. That’s the law

      • The vehicle being passed does not have to slow down if you can’t pass safely with out putting the vehicle being passed at risk then quite simply it is not safe to pass. Try using your brain add a little patience and if necessary use your middle peddle or try the jak brake.

  3. Here we go again. One stupid driver and we are all put in to the same basket. I can tell this truck driver that we are far safer on the road than his mob. We live where there are many many trucks passing through and I wonder why they are so concerned about the temperature of the barbie. Certainly not so they can stop for a feed. And how often do we hear about a grey nomad caught driving under the influence of illegal drugs. Truck drivers need to take a closer look at their industry before having a go at others.

  4. Is a towing course going to help doing a u turn, I would assume this would be covered with standard driving practises. I agree in some cases it may help, but not for a standard uturn

    • Exactly what I thought Lyn. Turning in front of another vehicle has nothing to do with towing. It’s just plan driving but obviously the man who posted the complaint couldn’t work that out.

    • Well said I assume the driver had a license which covers how to do a U turn and it doesn’t stop people making dumb decisions.

    • It’s not only towing, it’s the idiots that are speeding 120-plus towing their caravan tagging their friends overtaking, then cut in and just miss you, then they disappear into the horizon and have no idea …. they think they’re on a speedway idiots………

    • I agree, doing a uturn in front of any vehicle is stupidity, no matter what you are driving, it’s called common sense,

  5. I worked in a caravan park for about 3 months and was very surprised at how many drivers had little to no idea how to reverse their van or load it correctly. One driver even managed to get another caravan wedged between his car and van because he was trying to cut in way too close to avoid reversing.

  6. U turn in front of a b double. A course won’t fix that. You can’t fix stupid.

  7. Definitely! for the safety of all road users.

  8. Yes, people should be required to undertake a recognised course to enable them to learn about the dynamics of towing a caravan.
    Even though I’ve been driving big rigs most of my working life, A caravan behind an SUV is totally different again, even I have had to draw on decades of driving experience to get me out of tricky situations, Many people do not have that experience.
    If you are going to Spend $100,000 plus on van and car then a thousand dollars is the best insurance you could buy to learn how to tow it, oh and reverse it too

  9. What is first needed is a comprehensive audit of roll over events with Police analysis of actual causes. Anything less is acting on emotion or potentially not addressing the real causes

    • Agreed. Given that many caravans on the road today are almost maxed out in the way of GVM, and that’s without even putting water in the tanks, or clothes in the draws, the emphasis needs to be out on caravan manufacturers building a product that is fit for purpose.

  10. AND I’ve seen truck driver doing bloody stupid things too, so having a piece of “paper ” is no assurance of ability.

  11. A Big No
    Only if you have never towed a trailer, boat ,or caravan .it should not be compulsory .i have driven articulated trucks for over 45 years, and I believe I am good a driver towing a van , that I was driving semi.
    As for sharing the road with trucks I do not have a problem trucks and I are always in contact with truck all the time.
    As for Mr Creenaune comments that doing a course will stop Caravans doing a u-turn in front of a truck, get your head out of the sand, just because one driver turns in front of a truck, any number courses will not stop that happening

    • Totally agree what they should to is make a common sense course in school as a lot of people either don’t have any or just stupidly don’t use it

  12. No. Should towing of box trailers or trailerable boats or horse floats or car trailers or motorhomes (height & weight) be compelled to undergo courses. Why single out caravans. I drove road trains for 26 years and never saw a caravan incident so there seems to be some exaggeration here.

    • I like your comment. 6×4 or car trailer, single, double or triple horse float, motor homes with car in tow, or trailer with car and boat. Then there are the camper trailers, camper vans, 14ft single axle to 30ft triple axle vans. How many different categories or qualifications should there be. And then what those who buy an off road van, do they need to do an off road course, dirt sand ruts. What a huge can of worms……..

  13. No they shouldn’t. I know there are some very ignorant caravan drivers that should be off the road permanently. Not just when having a van. By the same token the number of times I have had trucks try to scare me deliberately and tailgate me was quite common. They back off if you let them know and call out their trucking company names over the UHF. It is not only caravans.

    • I like your comment. I must remember this when I start my journey..

  14. I agree, there should be a mandatory licence to tow any caravan.

    I have been towing vans since 2003 and the dumb things I have seen some brain dead caravaners perform astounds me.

    I come from a heavy haulage background so I understand both side of the coin.

  15. I believe it would depend on the level of driving types of experience the purchaser has. Myself for instance. I have spent a considerable amount of time driving trucks in the forest industry and freight industry. I have been the owner of caravans for the past 30 odd years. I first learnt to reverse an articulated vehicle in my early teens by reversing a tractor and trailer in my parents apple orchard. The comments regarding all purchasers of caravans should do a course should be modified to take into account of the purchasers experience in operating combination type vehicles.

  16. Come and sit in my front window and watch the idiots that call them self’s truck drivers do stupid things as well, it will only take 30 min and you will see. Oh yes I am a Retired Truck driver of over 40 years experience, yes a course would be handy & you could be rewarded by cheaper insurance ect

    • Not cheaper insurance
      I have a accident/claim free record my insurance goes up each year.
      Called insurance company to complain it is worked on the area your house is in, so a course will not bring down insurance, I only wish it did
      My answer as my post above is NO compulsory courses

  17. Yes, a one off tow course endorsed on there license, the government will make money from the fee, lives saved. But the fact is some people have no idea about towing or caravaning, shouldn’t be on the road.

  18. Some people just do not think about the task they are undertaking. They also are prone to panic in unfamiliar situations. But it is a good idea to undertake a towing course, particularly reversing and also a test on a skid pan so that the trainee can experience what happens when it all gets out of control. Also develop good driving habits but that could be applied to all drivers.

  19. Having had and towed caravans for 25 plus years I have seen some shocking attempts at reversing along with some unbelievable manoeuvres on the road, I believe some basics need to be taught to those new to caravaning.
    Grey Nomad and HR licence holder

  20. I think a driving and ability course should be mandatory. I am 74 ,drove trucks of all types most of my life.I have towed a 3t van since 2004 so I have a fair idea but I agree with Garry Coombs said “ you can’t fix stupid “

  21. There are presently around 760K registered caravans, RVs, etc registered in Australia. Whilst a towing course may benefit a lot of people, the ratio of accidents to total registered trailers is quite low. Media simply enjoy reporting such incidents. Truck accidents occur daily and these drivers have special licenses. As for doing a U turn in front of a B Double, unfortunately you can’t teach common sense to fools.

    • Agreed! I have nothing against any education, it will help, but there is no medication for stupidity.

  22. Lol, I want to take his one crucial sentence and change only 2 words in it, and I would be curious as to what you think of it :

    Mr Creenaune said he was certain that 50% or more of CAR drivers would have seen, or been involved with, TRUCK DRVERS doing something out of the ordinary at some point

    That sentence he used proves without a doubt his call for licensing is ridiculous, otherwise all truck drivers with their licenses will be the best drivers going around, and we all know the end of that story…

  23. Truck drivers have to have catagories of drifferent licences to drive respective size rigs same as motorbike .boat drivers but for car drivers it is either manual or more commonly auto and some drivers have a problem with just that now you add a unit caravan or large trailer and you have more weight behind than in front most times so YES all licences if towing should undergo a defencive driving course with the course taken in road manners the difference the road for a truck is his office getting from A to B in the most economical time as for a caravan driver time is not at the essence so they leisurely drive on the road most times below the speed limit because time from A to B is abundant it all about education for both parties and the only way to enforce that is compulsory standards

    • I agree with Paul as I hold a Multi Combination (road train) license and now spend a lot of time on the road towing a 3.5 tonne caravan. If people are planning to tow something larger than a box trailer they should be trained to do so or it can become a deadly situation towing a large missile amongst other road users.

      • Vans over 25 ft should require a semi licence

  24. Yes there are bad truckies around & also stupid ones but I still think there needs to be some sort of training course for caravan owners who’ve had no experience towing. I hold a Heavy rigid licence and can drive anything except an articulated vehicle. It astounds me that anyone with just a car licence can go out & buy a massive fifth wheeler & large tow vehicle with a combined length of up to about 10-15m & drive it with no prior experience or training. If you buy a large motorhome over 4.5 tonne you need a heavy rigid licence but a car & van just a car licence. There should at least be some sort of training course to cover reversing, loading & weight distribution etc.

  25. No, Considering the volume of caravans daily on Australian roads, not a lot of accidents caused by caravans. Information is key to safe driving. Maybe stricter rules around towing caravans over 3T

  26. I have driven heavy vehicles for many years and often see caravaners without extension mirrors at all. l am unable to understand why you would want to tow a van of any dimension without appropriate mirrors.. Not having the ability to see what is behind you is crazy to say the least.

  27. I think the numbers need to be looked here, caravan accident
    Make up a very small percentage of road accidents but having said that we have seen some shockers out there and we usually pull up and let them get out of the way. Caravan courses would be good for some who have just a car licence and no experience towing at all and buy a van and head off on their trips

  28. Have towed things before I bought a van. Enrolled with my wife in caravan course as refresher and to teach her good habits. She nailed it and didn’t learn any of my bad habits. She gained confidence and realised the importance of sharing the road. UHF contact with the trucks helps with cooperation and better safety.

  29. First up, we would need to know what and how a caravan roll over happened. In many cases out on the country roads it could well be speed and at the same time perhaps a small swerve to miss an animal.
    A small swerve, equal a tangled mess, and perhaps loss of live, why just to miss an animal. No way, take the animal out by holding on and not deviating, says me.
    But my guess is in a number of cases STUPIDITY would come into play.
    After all the definition of STUPIDITY is :-

    Given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner.
    Ha! Ha!! ( not laugh) Simple errors by stupid offenders.
    But I must agree that the most lethal weapon that we possess is the Motor vegicle.

  30. It is obviously a big problem with more and more people deciding to join the caravanning lifestyle. I have been towing a caravan off and on since1972. Started with a six berth Chesney fitted with vacuum backing system. We are currently on our sixth van fitted with all the mod cons. What amazes me is that people who have rarely or never towed a car trailer will saddle up to tow a six or seven metre caravan without realising that it’s a different style of driving. Braking and steering inputs have to be done gently because of added lengths, weights and all sorts of outside influences which come into play such as crosswinds, wet surfaces, other traffic, displaced wind effects from passing vehicles, road conditions, speed, capability of both the tow vehicle and the caravan. Most importantly, is the capability of the driver and their consideration of other road users. It never ceases to amaze me how many people towing caravans still don’t use extended mirrors. It is essential that you are able to see traffic behind you apart from the fact that you need to be able to see the extremities of your van and wheels when traveling or manoeuvring. Braking systems for towed trailers over 750kg. So many people are ignorant on this very important requirement. Age is another most important consideration because of thought processes linked to physical ability. Reaction time is of utmost importance. No-one likes to think that they are losing it but sadly it happens to everyone. One must consider when, but most importantly where they can turn around safely. I prefer to go around the block in built up area rather than attempt to do a U turn. On the open road, look for the entrance to a property and use that as a means of getting off the road and manoeuvring when the road is clear and safe to do so. Another alternative is find a rest area and use it. On divided highways keep going until you find a turning point. You must be continually checking your mirrors for vehicle safety and approaching traffic. Myself, I dislike the Gateway and Gold Coast highways because I have had a number of close callsand I now find it safer to travel one lane in from the extreme left.. One incident was when a B double was about to enter into the highway from a supposedly single access lane when a white coloured ute displaying P plates shot out from the left side of the truck. One of the most common problems is that drivers of other vehicles on these highways are impatient and instead of merging in behind, they race up the driver’s side and then cut across the front of your vehicle to exit about fifty to sixty metres to your left front. I’ve also had vehicles come at speed up either side and then actually do a cross over in front of me. I have also driven trucks and people either don’t care or are selfish in getting their ways at a cost to others

    • Wide angle cameras at the back of modern vans make these mirrors obselete me thinks

      • Trevio, no matter what you think it is mandatory {LAW] to have rear vision mirrors whilst you are driving a caravan, You cannot start to change things to suit your “wide vision rear view camera” just because you have a you beaut latest gizmo

  31. A piece of paper that says you have done a coarse does not fix stupid! Look at how many people have a drivers licence and definitely shouldn’t have.

  32. It does not matter is you are just driving a car, a boat, towing a caravan or driving a truck [ no matter what size] – STUPID is STUPID. It is impossible to overcome that lack of common sense.

    • Here here Peter, if you lack awareness and common sense, stupidity will step in, when we caravan husband drives and I navigate, and we are always courteous to other drivers especially trucks as they have longer breaking time with the load they carry, stupidity and lack of common sense will always get you and others into trouble !!!!

  33. Common sense and care for the other drivers is the key issue here, not only the rig. As a caravaner for the past 10 years, I have not come across a nasty incident with truckies. Yes we are all constantly learning about our rigs, both parties. So courtesy and caution is the best solution.

  34. We get along fine with the nomads in the NT we have road trains all we do talk to them on the UHF and work it out Greg

  35. What’s this wouldn’t a multicombination licence be appropriate???

  36. They have spent millions on tech for cars to handle and stop safer ,has any of this filtered down to caravans for them to do the same ,most caravans you see have the same old standard suspension set up

  37. No certified paper is going to make a person Follow the Road Rules nor make them a better driver. I’ve seen drivers of Cars Towing Trailers Trucks and Road Trains Boats breaking the Rules causing near misses and accidents. More Policing of All drivers need to occur Stop blaming Only caravaners. Investigate accidents properly regardless of what they are driving or towing then deal with the Road Rule Breakers.

  38. We all do a driving course before we get a car licence. It doesn’t stop stupidity.

  39. I am buying a caravan in the near future. I would appreciate a course on towing a caravan. I have friends who can teach me but a course for me would be valuable.

    • Very resposible thinking

  40. Duty of care , we had a 4 hour course before picking up our new caravan with NewAge, very helpful particularly with electric braking advice, very helpful.

  41. All the courses in the world are not going to stop stupid people from doing stupid things.

    • True…but if there were no driving lessons, do you think people should still be allowed to drive anything. I think lessons for towing anything could be a good thing.

    • The only courses drivers need to do is patience compassion and empathy……..

  42. If it was ever to be introduced (and i feel it would be pointless ) it would have no impact until the next generation of owners came through as the powers that be would grandfather the licence because they simply couldn’t
    get through the retesting . did the same in queensland when they introduced a separate jet ski licence everyone who had a boat licence automatically got one,just had to ask .

  43. Caravans constantly pull onto roads in 100 and 110 zones not caring what is coming along. I have seen many instances where myself cars and trucks have had to brake hard to avoid them. i am sure it is not a good feeling for b double drivers. Dont think any training course will stop such stupid actions.

  44. Any licence like this must be for any trailer, be it 6×4, horse float, boat trailer, camper trailer or caravan. Don’t single out a single body type such as caravan. Or would it be limited to a certain length or weight or number of axles? It is a minefield.

  45. 1. You can’t link a licence to using your brains. Where and when to attempt to turn a caravan around is brain use. How to is training.
    2, supposedly everyone on the road is licenced to drive and or tow a particular class of vehicle & size/weight of trailer. We still have angry people & idiots driving and towing, whether that be garden trailers, tinnies, caravans or big rigs. A different licence won’t change that.
    3. If caravan towing incurs compulsory training and/licencing it will be like the WA Skippers ticket: a government cash grab and payday for training organisations with no follow up or regulation on the size of boat.
    In others words a waste of time. Everyone just needs to treat other road users with common sense, courtesy and care.

  46. 1. Any trailer with more than 1 axle you should do a course and have your license endorsed.
    2. Wing mirrors, Ive spoken to at least 6 police on this matter and a driving course instructor who don’t care less if they have them or not as they have more important things to do !
    3. I believe you need your license endorsed for a truck over 7.5 T but a lot of 5th wheelers are 9.5 T so work that out !

  47. I also don’t think any courses will fix the terrible drivers out there… obviously there are idiots on the road period I think the problem is someone is always looking for someone else to blame….should all drivers regardless of what vehicle mass or size ,keep left so other vehicles have the opportunity to pass safely… travels around Australias roads like nullabour I have seen some dangerous passing manouvers and constant line hugging… every single vehicle or driver on the road is responsible for safety…let’s all help the situation if you are reminded on the road about safety take it on the chin and be more aware of the dangers and less aggressive, allow trucks to pass safety as they just need to keep moving it doesn’t cause any harm to slow up or pull over for a few seconds while faster moving vehicles go past we all have to share the road and have more compassion towards each other……

  48. We’re talking about drivers who are in their mid sixties and through their seventies, not all but a large percentage. I regularly see these drivers who don’t understand the nice new big SUV they have bought, let alone how different it will be with a lovely big caravan attached. I’m a baby boomer, have done the lap and gone up the middle with a small teardrop van and there wasn’t a day go by where I didn’t see something that made me shudder. There is a need for common sense (missing in a lot of cases) lose the egos folks, for your own safety as well as other road users, go and learn as much as you can about your new SUVs and your caravans, saving your life and others should be top of your list.

  49. Definitely. I have towed for many decades so I see the issues when on the road. Came around a corner the other day and car with caravan on my side if the road…

  50. When people have time pull up on you tube DASH CAMS OF AUSTRALIA !!
    Even the law enforcers have a problem in following road rules in giving way to traffic !!
    Its areal education on drivers seen on the roads today and for myself have seen a lot of similar examples driving road trains !!
    The worst of all is people pulling into your lane leaving the distances for roadtrains to pull up in traffic at lights !!
    The other if you pass trucks get out and get going you dont have time to drive alongside writing your name on the side saying I was here and pulling back in front at minimum of four cars past before joining the same lane and dont turn around and slow down because you want to be in front !!
    Trucks like to keep the momentum going .

  51. Look at truck crashes and van crashes then see who needs to be better educated on road rules and safety.

  52. There are caravan towers who would certainly benifit fron formal training and an appropriate class of licence. There are regular calls by truck drivers to impose special class licences on caravanners, I have witnessed some crazy driving by caravanners, almost as much as I have seen by truck drivers.
    It would be interesting to compare crashes per 1000 registered of caravanners versus truckies.

  53. We have been travelling in NSW since January with our caravan. It has been very disconcerting to note how many times we have been tailgated by large transports mainly B-Doubles which leaves us wondering what would happen if we had to brake suddenly.
    They also travel fast in the right lanes and often block two lanes trying to pass each other.
    So I agree that transport drivers should look at their own behavior on the roads before criticising others and keep to safe distances and speeds as the ‘cowboy’ element among them seems to be alive and well.

  54. It would be wise for prospective caravan owners and motor home owners to learn the skills needed to handle their machines in various situations rather than learning on the job. Its too late when it begins to sway and not know how to couneract it, or damage your someone elses van. Please do NOT speed up when I’m trying to overtake you in a passing lane, that is #÷×+% stupid.

  55. Once upon a time the towed vehicle , wether a van or trailer was not to be
    heavier than the towing vehicle.Where did that rule go?Some of these vans are far to big to be towed by an average 4×4. They are to heavy and to unstable when a problem arises. The vehicle may have a gross weight of 3 tonne then they are allowed to tow 3.5 tonne.? As far as licsenses go. If you want to drive a truck with 4 tonne gross weight you need a truck licsense. Some of the 4x4s plus van are well over this , some close to 6 tonne. How does that work.

  56. The fact that the caravan did a u turn in front of any vehicle could happen with or with out a special license, thats driver behavour. A missile b double of 68.5 tonns empty thats another issue, is it time we see a reduction in the size of these missiles to just one trailer? Some of these truck drivers think they own the roads, yes they are working and have had a time limit placed on them. Rember any of us are only borrowing that piece of road you are on at that time from all road users so treat it and other users with respect at all times and you will be surprised at the respect you get in return.

  57. who remembers when living out bush and you turned 16 and a half went up to the local police station and got your car, truck, tractor licence all in one go because you had been driving in and through town in your old mans trucks for ages.??

  58. well if they want a course to teach people to tow caravans then thy should look at all the truck drivers who still go around corners fast and cant work out the height of a bridge and the truck height ,now no 1 tells them to learn to tow , drive Aegean

  59. I have no concerns about being required to take a test to demonstrate my towing ability and get a piece of paper which says I know what I’m doing, but I draw the line at being required to pay ‘00s of dollars to attend a course which just tells me what I already know.

  60. i am a grey nomad HR Licence and 45 years driving experience i do not need a course to learn how to operate my car and van.By the same token i have seen some pretty ordinary van towers who just should not be on the road. You cannot teach COMMON SENSE to IDIOTs

  61. If this truck was 68.5 tonnes unloaded, the mind boggles at what the loaded weight might be. Our roads are neither designed or constructed to carry these weights & more freight should be moved by rail,particularly dangerous goods, until the roads are upgraded to a satisfactory standard.

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