Cost of visiting Uluru to rise by a whopping 52%

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Uluru fee increases
Unmissable? Would entry fees ever put you off a visit to the Rock?

Hot on the heels of the closure of the Uluru climb, Parks Australia has announced that the cost of entering Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is set to rise by up to 52%.

Tourism operators have been warned that the new park fees will come into effect from November 1, 2020.

An adult three-day pass will increase from $25 to $38 and annual adult passes will rise from $32.50 to $50.  Annual vehicle entry for NT-registered vehicles will also increase from $65 to $109. Children, motorcycles and Yulara residents will be able to enter the park free of charge.

Karl Dyason from Parks Australia said the increases were necessary.

“We need to be responsible economic managers of the park and ensure we have the funds to maintain Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park into the future,” he told the ABC. “It costs an adult $98 per day to visit Kilimanjaro National Park, $98 per day to visit Machu Picchu and an annual pass for the Grand Canyon National Park is $96 — almost double the cost of Uluru’s new annual park use fee.”

Tourism Central Australia CEO Stephen Schwer told the ABC he accepted there may need to be fee increases but was disappointed the fee rises had not been more gradual.

“I don’t think there is a single person in the industry who would say that there were too many staff down there, we all wish that there were more — the rangers do an amazing job down there but they are very stretched,” he told the ABC. “One of the big concerns that we’ve got is not steady increases, pretty much everybody accepts those — when a price goes up 52 % in one year, that’s when people start to feel the pinch a bit.”

  • Do you think the fee increases are fair? Would the cost of entry ever put you off a visit to Uluru or is it simply unmissable … even if you have been there before? Comment below.
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24 Responses to Cost of visiting Uluru to rise by a whopping 52%


  2. The US national parks charge you talk about gets you free access for 12 months into ALL national parks in the country, not just one. It is for TWO people and can be transferred to another family member if you have finished in less than a year. Hardly comparable to the Uluru fee.

  3. We have been there once, didn’t climb it, was much easier and better to take a chopper flight over it which was really good.
    Wouldn’t bother visiting it again, has become just another commercial rip off.

    • How long will it be before they start charging for air space.

  4. I wondered how they would recoup the money lost by closing the rock to climbers. Now I guess that’s the reason for such ridiculous price rise. Pure greed.

    • Never been there. Not. Likely to go there now.

    • Spot on….

    • That what it look’s like, they think we are stupid.

  5. Far too expensive. I was planning on visiting again next year for a few days in my motorhome, but not with those prices and then caravan park fees on top. Very disappointing.

  6. would have considered visiting once but not now and probably never. The cost to do so is ridiculous.

  7. Highway robbery, although I’ve been too many times to remember, costs rising will stop me ever entering the park again, purely on principle. Disgusting and I for one will never pay to enter there again, I just hope boom gates never go up at Yulara otherwise I would never be visiting the resort or campground again and I hope this costing rise gets abolished urgently. Totally disappointed on this grab for cash and I will be sharing on social media’s to express my disgust.

  8. Having worked in the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and seeing the work that needs to be done there to maintain it and get it back to the way it should be. There are vast areas covered in invasive weeds that they do nothing about, too hard no manpower the excuses I have heard. This is Buffel grass an inport from Africa which is killing off native grasses and badly affecting native wildlife. Lets hope some money finds its way into essential work there and not siphoned off to Canberra

  9. I would have liked to go see for my Mother as it was on her bucket list. Sadly she isn’t with us anymore. AND no I won’t be going not now when we are not ONE anymore & sections of this beautiful country are being closed to THIRD & FOURTH generation AUSTRALIANS.

  10. I can just see the Missus and I on a motorbike from Alice for a free day trip with thermos and sandwiches.

  11. In any investigation into possible malfeasance the rule is “follow the Money”.
    In this case we need to know where the money is going and the supervision of its disbursement.
    If the money is being spent wisely and with purpose then the fee rises are justified.
    We need transparency in all things.
    All levels of Government take note.

  12. No surprises at all with the price rise I have been waiting to see what their next step was going to be after closing the climb…….don’t be surprised at what other price/charges will be introduced in the future….and no I won’t be going to visit the rock there is so much to see out in our beautiful country which we don’t have to pay for and I will not see everything out there in my lifetime of travelling…

  13. Went there in the summer of 1971, hot by some standards, and a most memorable trip. Took wife there in 1999, and the Rock was ‘closed’. Could not work out why a rock would be closed? Possibility of a storm coming, I was told- it was the clearest day I have seen in Central Oz,
    not a storm in sight.
    The fee increase is outrageous, and cannot be justified by comparing to parks overseas. Certainly not going there again.

  14. I also am reluctant to return with such a steep increase perhaps $10-$15 would be better but I am dismayed that people of vintage years such as grey nomads would express such racist and disrespectful views to people who have walked this land for over 30,000 yrs

  15. Mt Augustus is a bigger rock and easy to visit in WA, the true outback

    • I would like the road’s to be better for traveling on.

  16. Just taken it off the bucket list. Definitely will not be going, which is probably what the owners want anyway. What next?

  17. I visited the rock, and climbed it in June 1997, it was great, but had no intention of returning, and with the price hike, it would put a lot of people off.At the time I was there, the camping area was poorly managed.

  18. It has been known as kaka don’t now with those prices that is what it is

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