Up in flames … caravan gutted by fire in moments

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Faulty fridge may be to blame as fire destroys van.

A terrifying incident in which a caravan near Hervey Bay in Queensland was left gutted by fire is a reminder to all grey nomads of the need to carry out ongoing safety checks.

A gas leak in a fridge is believed to be behind the blaze which destroyed the interior of the van which was parked in the yard of an Eli Waters home.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle reports that the Nelson family were poised to go on a family holiday when disaster struck.

Abby Nelson told the paper that the family could only watch as the family caravan went up in flames. Emergency services were called to the scene after the fire broke out and, although the fire was contained quickly, the caravan could not be saved.

Firefighters arrived promptly and were able to put out the fire before it spread to the home and neighbouring properties.

Ms Nelson told the Chronicle she and her parents were looking forward to a trip in the van over the Christmas holidays but would now have to make new plans.

Investigations into whether the fridge was faulty are continuing.

What safety checks do you carry out on your rig?  Have you ever had a fire im your van or motorhome? Comment below.

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One Response to Up in flames … caravan gutted by fire in moments

  1. Leaking gas refrigerators are usually caused by corrosion or rust on the pipes at the back of the unit.
    For economical reason gas refrigerator’s pipes are made of steel, not copper . You will know if you have a leak with a gas refrigerator if you smell ammonia coming from the fridge. The leak will eventually prevent the refrigerator from cooling properly.
    Visual ckeck is sometime difficult are covered by foam.

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